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The turning point in the life of Ed Pekurny (Matthew McConaughey) comes thanks to the misfortunes of the NorthWest Broadcasting Company. After two years on the air, their flagship cable channel, True TV, has slid into obscurity due to competition from the The Gardening Channel. Program director Cynt...
Ed And His Dead Mother(1993)
A mourning son makes a deal to reanimate his one year dead mother, however things turn into an unexpected direction.
Edge Of Seventeen(1998)
A teenager copes with his sexuality on the last day of school in 1984. It shows him coping with being gay and being with friends.
Ed Gein(2000)
The story of Ed Gein, who dug up the corpses of over a dozen women and made things out of their remains before finally shooting two people to death and butchering their bodies like beef sides.
The Edge(1997)
A plane crash in the freezing Alaskan wilderness pits intellectual billionaire Charles Morse against self-satisfied fashion photographer Robert Green in a brutal struggle for survival. Each soon dicovers that the greatest danger resides not in nature, but from human fear, treachery, and quite possi...
Eddie Murphy: Raw(1987)
Filmed in front of a packed New York City crowd, the concert film Eddie Murphy: Raw presents the comedian (near the height of his popularity) performing his stand-up material. The energetic and often extremely raunchy set begins with a series of impressions, most involving some celebrity becoming up...
Eddie Murphy: Delirious(1983)
Shortly before the end of "Eddie Murphy:Delirious" the irrepressible Murphy points out the irony of his appearing before an SRO audience at Washington DC's Constitution Hall, the same establishment which refused to allow black opera star Marian Anderson to give a concert in 1939. Murphy may not be i...
Eddie And The Cruisers II:Eddie Lives(1989)
Eddie Wilson,believed dead,is leading a quiet life in Montreal,as a construction worker.Unable to fight his passion for music,he starts a new band.In the process,he is forced to confront the demons of his past.Starring Michael Pare,and Marina Orsini.
Eddie And The Cruisers(1983)
Famed rocker Eddie Wilson (Michael Pare) had it all, but he died in an accident. The band is seeing a resurgence in popularity and it's about to take some interesting turns.
In this comedy, a basketball fan figures she could be a better coach than the guy getting paid millions to do the job — and then gets the chance to prove it. Edwina "Eddie" Franklin (Whoopi Goldberg) is a limousine dispatcher and sometime driver who is a passionate New York Knicks fan; she loyally...
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