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Set in the backwoods of the deep south. Young, beautiful Ellie has just witnessed the murder of her father at the hands of her evil step-mother Cora and Cora's three lecherous sons, all hoping to get their hand's on Ellie's father's money. Vowing to avenge her father's death, Ellie plots to do in th...
Ella Enchanted(2004)
Adapted from author Gail Carson Levine's award-winning children's book of the same name, the Miramax financed modern fantasy "Ella Enchanted" is directed by Tommy O'Haver and stars "The Princess Diaries" alumna Anne Hathaway. Ella (Hathaway) lives in a magical world in which each child, at the momen...
During an outrageous memorial for a Southern patriarch, an unexpected romance blooms between a young woman and man.
Wierd kids movie from 80s. A transforming half man, half robot, a girl invinter, Han solo like adventurer, a ninja, and a r2-d2 like robot fights a madman who wants to stop time. Dinosaours, robots, cyborgs, time machines, and ninjas all in one movie! A must see for anyone who loves cam...
One Christmas Eve, a baby crawls into Santa's magic bag and is unknowingly brought back to the North Pole, so Santa decides to raise him as an elf and names him Buddy. Growing up, Buddy comes to the sad realization that he is not an elf, he is human. That is when Santa tells him that his real father...
The Elevator(1996)
In this drama with comedic touches, Martin Landau is an executive with a movie studio who finds himself trapped in an elevator with an aspiring screenwriter, who seizes upon the opportunity to pitch as many ideas to him as possible. Supporting cast includes Martin Sheen, Paul Bartel, Arye Gross, Ric...
The Elephant Man(1981)
The biography of John Merrick (a/k/a the Elephant Man), his trials and tribulations to be accepted as a human being instead of a circus freak, and his triumph is being accepted into society. Filmed in black and white, this film is a true art form with exceptional documentation, graphic photographs,...
Elephant is a 2003 drama film edited, written and directed by Gus Van Sant. It takes place in the fictional Watt High School, in the suburbs of Portland, Oregon, and chronicles the events surrounding a school shooting, based in part on the 1999 Columbine High School massacre. The film begins a short...
Cultural critic David Kepesh finds his life -- which he indicates is a state of "emancipated manhood" -- thrown into tragic disarray by Consuela Castillo, a well-mannered student who awakens a sense of sexual possessiveness in her teacher.
Electric Dreams(1984)
Electric Dreams is a 1984 movie set in San Francisco, California that depicts a love triangle between a man, a woman, and a home computer. It stars Lenny Von Dohlen, Virginia Madsen and Bud Cort (voice) and was directed by Steve Barron.
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  • Annie: Any of your pictures ruined?
    Hallie: Only the beautiful Leo DiCaprio...
    Annie: Who?
    Hallie: You've never heard of Leonardo DiCaprio? How far away is London anyway?
  • The Parent Trap