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Dr. Who and the Daleks(1966)
this movie did not star the docter from the tv series but horror film legend peter cushing as the docter. a unorthodox inventor has built this machine called the TARDIS and his older granddaughters boyfreind accidently makes them travel to a planet inhabbited by a race called the daleks that have s...
Dr. Strange(1978)
Dr. Steven Strange, the Marvel Comics magician/superhero created in 1963 by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, made his long-awaited screen debut in this 1978 TV pilot film. Peter Hooten certainly fills the costume as Strange, while Sir John Mills plays the doctor's sorcerer shaman "The Ancient One" with an...
Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas(1966)
The Grinch is a green, gloomy Gus, who decides that the Whos in Whoville are enjoying their Christmas too much. He schemes and he plots to ruin their special day, but a young girl named Cindy makes sure he changes his ways. Boris Karloff narrated and provided the voice of the Grinch in this holi...
Dr. Orloff's Invisble Monster(1970)
An evil scientist creates a murderous, invisible ape-man.
Dr. No(1962)
The mysterious scientist Dr. No sabotages the American space program from his secret base in Jamaica. The Secret Service sends it’s best agent after this him. Dr. No is the first film of legendary James Bond series starring Sean Connery in the role of a British super agent.
The First James Bond Adventure starring Sean Connery based on the Ian Fleming novel. James Bond is sent to Jamaica to investigate the death of a British agent. The trail leads him to Dr. No,a member of SPECTRE(Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion) who is plott...
Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde(1995)
In this spoof of Robert Louis Stevens classic novel comes a very fine comedy with Tim Daly and Sean Young. Dr. Richard Jacks(Daly), is a man who creates perfumes for companies. One day he discovers a journal belonging to his great grandfather, Dr. Henry Jekyll, that talks about a revolutionary disco...
Dr. Goldfoot And The Girl Bombs(1966)
The foppish mad scientist Dr. Goldfoot plots another mad scheme to take over the world by killing off the major military leaders of every country; to that end, he creates in his secret lab a bevy of bodacious girl bombs; full-length, life-size robots that explode when embraced.
Dr. Giggles(1992)
The psychopathic son of a mass-murdering doctor, escapes from his mental institution to seek revenge on the town where his father was caught. The giggling doctor kills his victims with a surgical theme. His goal being to give one of the townfolk a heart transplant.
Dr. Dolittle 2(2001)
Dr. Dolittle 2 is a 2001 American comedy film, and the theatrical sequel to the 1998 film Dr. Dolittle. The continuing tale of the doctor who can talk to the animals—this time, it's Dolittle versus Darwin when the animals launch a labor strike to protect their forest from unscrupulous human develope...
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