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Dr Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine(1965)
A mad scientist(Vincent Price)invents an army of bikini clad female robots to con wealthy men into signing away their assets.
Dressed To Kill(1980)
A transsexual murders a woman named Kate Miller (Angie Dickinson), who is a patient of her psychologist Dr. Robert Elliot (Michael Caine). Kate's son Peter (Keith Gordon) and a hooker named Liz Blake (Nancy Allen) investigate the murder and find that things aren't what they seem.
The Dream Team(1989)
Dr. Weitzman works with patients in a sanitarium. Convinced that all that his "group" needs is a some fresh air and some time away from the sanitarium, he pursuades the administration to allow him to take them to a ballgame. Unfortunately, he accidentally stumbles across a crime in progress and ends...
Dreams Come True(1984)
A boy discovers how to dream travel. Only in this scenario he appears in real life at the location of his dreams while his "other" body lies in bed. He then teaches his girlfriend how to dream travel and together they share the adventures of their dreams.
Alex Gardner is a down on his luck psychic whogambles . After a run in with a gangster named Sneed,Gardner joins his former mentor Dr. Paul Novotny for a university project:a way to project the minds of certain individuals into the dreams of others.He uses this gift to help those troubled by disturb...
Dream a Little Dream 2(1995)
Dinger and Bobby's adventure start when a pair of magical sunglasses arrive at the door. Their mundane lives in L.A. get a crazy twist-but soon enough, they've got thugs on their trail who want the valuable pair for themselves. Under hot pursuit, it's one crazy antic after another as the troublesome...
Dream a Little Dream(1989)
An unfortunate bike accident leaves the minds of an elderly man and a young teenager swapped over - and the teenager uses the mind of the elderly man to win the girl of his dreams. An excellent comedy with a superb cast and is certainly well worth watching if you get a chance.
Dreaming of Paradise(1987)
Strit og Stumme (Dreaming of Paradise) is a Danish cartoon from 1987 with instruction by Jannik Hastrup and screenplay by Jannik Hastrup and Bent Haller, after the latter's book Blåfolket (The Blue people). The movie takes place In future where people leverage in the subsurface because of...
The Dreaming(1988)
A woman doctor starts having terrifying visions after an aboriginal woman is brought to her hospital for treatment following her being caught in a raid on a museum where aboriginal artifacts are held.
Quote O' Matic
  • Whiskers the Wonder Cat: Here, try munching on this, boy."
    Zero(Goku): "A lima bean?"
    Whiskers: "Well yes, but so much more! It'll help you get your strength back. What's wrong boy, don't you like lima beans?"
    Zero: "They're not my favorite.
    -Whiskers the Wonder Cat
  • Dragon Ball