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Set in unoccupied Africa during the early days of World War II: An American expatriate meets a former lover, with unforeseen complications.
Car Wash(1976)
Car Wash covers the exploits of a close-knit group of employees at a Los Angeles Car Wash. In an episodic fashion, the film covers a full day, during which all manner of strange visitors make appearances, including Richard Pryor as a preaching 'wonder-man' who is loved by most but loathed by the mil...
Cartoon All-Stars To The Rescue(1990)
The plot chronicles the exploits of Michael, a teenage boy who is using marijuana as well as stealing his father's beer. His sister, Corey, is worried about him because he's started acting differently than he used to. Many of her cartoon tie-in toys come to life, to help find her stolen piggy bank,...
The Cartier Affair(1984)
Criminal Curt Taylor (David Hasselhoff) falls in love with Cartier Rand (Joan Collins), the woman he works for and hopes to steal from in order to pay off fellow prisoner Phil Drexler (Telly Savalas).
The Cars That Ate Paris(1974)
In the Australian rural town of Paris, the inhabitants keep the economy alive by causing car crashes and selling the spare parts as well as scrap metal while the survivors are employed for psychiatric experiments.
Cars 2(2011)
Four-time Piston Cup champion Lightning McQueen returns home to Radiator Springs and reunites with his best friend Mater and his girlfriend Sally Carrera. Doc Hudson is indicated to have died some time before. Former oil tycoon Sir Miles Axlerod, now a green power advocate, announces a racing series...
Rookie racer Lightning McQueen is eager to win the annual Piston Cup Race and become the champion of the Dinoco Team. After a tie with champion Strip "The King" Weathers, and runner up Chick Hicks, a tie-breaker is scheduled in California which Lightning pushes his transport rig Mack to get him to e...
Carry On Sergeant(1958)
A motley group of British draftees(Bob Monkhouse,Kenneth Connor,Kenneth Williams) deal with the hardships of basic training.The first film in the long running"Carry On" series of comedies.
Carry On Emmannuelle(1978)
A beautiful young woman(Suzanne Danielle),unsatisfied by her boring husband(Kenneth Williams),has a string of affairs with prominent men.Unofficially the final film of the"Carry On" comedy series.
Carrotblanca is a 1995 8-minute Looney Tunes cartoon. It was originally shown in cinemas alongside The Amazing Panda Adventure. It subsequently released on video packaged with older Looney Tunes cartoons and was included in the special edition DVD release of Casablanca, the film to which it is both...
Quote O' Matic
  • Adam: Guys, we have to hurry!
  • Kat: Adam, are you alright?
  • Adam: Lerigot's dying. We may already be too late.
  • Tommy: Okay, we'll leave the vehicles here. Go for the silent approach. Take out your morphers, it's time to kick into action! Shift Into Turbo!
  • Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie