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Cathy's Curse(1977)
A young girl is possessed by the spirit of her dead aunt, who died in a car accident. Soon members of her family begin to mysteriously die off.
Cat Girl(1957)
A young woman inherits a family curse that turns her into a murderous feline when she is angered.
The Cat from Outer Space(1978)
An ailen called Jake, who looks like an ordinary Abyssinian cat, with a magical collar lands on earth, and causes trouble for a man he befriends, his girlfriend, his buddy, the army and the local goverment.
Catch Me If You Can(1989)
Melissa needs $200,000 for a good cause and playing by the rules she needs help...any kind she can get. Enter handsome dragster Dylan Malone, Whose fast car and fancy movesare earning him stacks of bucks and a radical reputation. He's got a risky business proposal that makes Melissa think twice a...
Catch The Heat(1987)
California-based federal agents Checkers and Waldo have to go to South America when news of a drug ring gets to them.
A bombardier in World War II tries desperately to escape the insanity of the war. However, sometimes insanity is the only sane way cope with a crazy situation. Catch-22 is a parody of a "military mentality" and of a bureaucratic society in general.
Casualties of War(1989)
During the Vietnam War, a soldier finds himself the outsider of his own squad when they unnecessarily kidnap a female villager.
Casual Sex?(1988)
In the early years of the AIDS crisis, two best friends with different sexual histories named Stacy (Lea Thompson) and Melissa (Victoria Jackson) try finding love at a singles resort. Nothing is easy, though, and the two will learn a lot about themselves in the process.
Castle Of Blood(1964)
A writer accepts a bet that he cannot spend the night alone in a haunted castle on All Soul's Eve. Once night falls at the castle, several who had been murdered therein return to life, reliving their deaths and seeking to kill the writer for his blood in a vain attempt to stay alive beyond that one...
Castle in the Sky(1989)
Pazu, a young engineer, rescues a girl that floats down from the sky with a mysterious glowing pendant. A great adventure ensues as the boy and his new friend, Sheeta, embark on a quest to find the legendary Laputa, the Castle in the Sky, and the secret of the girl's necklace. On the way, they join...
Quote O' Matic
  • Truman X: So anyway... this 'friend' of mine, needs your help to impress this girl...
  • Mrs. X: Hmm. It sounds like your 'friend' (winks to Mr. X) has a little crush.
  • Mr. X: Wait a second, you don't have any friends!
  • The Xs