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Barney's Great Adventure(1998)
Two kids named Cody and Abby plus their best friend Marcella and baby brother Fig come to their grandparents' farm for a visit. Cody gets bullied by the two girls for believing that his stuffed Barney toy can come to life. After the kids use their imagination and it comes to life, Cody wishes to go...
Henry Chianski (Mickey Rourke) is a writer with great wit and talent, both of which are being drowned in alcohol. He meets a hard-drinking woman named Wanda Wilcox (Faye Dunaway) and they fall in love with each other. When publisher Tully Sorenson (Alice Krige) wants to make Henry's work known, he h...
Barenaked In America(1999)
Were it not for Alanis Morissette, Barenaked Ladies would probably have been the biggest pop act to come out of Canada in the 1990s. Entirely male and generally fully clothed, the band scored a number of multi-platinum albums in their home country and enjoyed a healthy following in America before th...
The Barefoot Executive(1971)
In the wacky world of TV, an ambitious mailroom boy, Steven Post, at the United Broadcasting Company (UBC), discovers a chimpanzee being taken care of by his girlfriend, Jennifer has an amazing talent. Unerringly , the chimp can pick programs that will become hits. So Steven secretly uses the chimp...
Bare Essentials(1991)
Yuppie couple Gordon(Mark Lynn Baker) and Sydney(Lisa Hartman)get stranded on an island with a mysterious American man named Bill(Gregory Harrison)and his exotic island girlfriend Tiana(Charlotte Lewis).Things become complicated as Sydney falls for Bill and Gordon falls for Tiana.
Barbie and the Rockers: Out of this World(1987)
Barbie and her band, the rockers, have now won the world's heart with their music. But, after this great succes, Barbie suprise all her friends and the whole world with her new idea. The rockers had toped the world's hitlist, but Barbie wants more. She now planing a concert for the world peace, in o...
Barbershop 2: Back In Business(2004)
The crew from the original movie engages in new antics.
A day in the life of a South Side Chicago barbershop.
The Barbaric Beast of Boggy Creek, Part II(1985)
A college Professor and his students head to the small town of Fouke, Arkansas to try and study the mysterious creature know as Bigfoot. Along the way they share stories and history of human interaction with the creature.
Barbarians at the Gate(1993)
A television movie based upon the book by Bryan Burrough and John Helyar, about the leveraged buyout (LBO) of RJR Nabisco.
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