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Arthur 2:On The Rocks(1988)
Dudley Moore,Liza Minnelli,Cynthia Sikes,and Stephen Elliott, star in this 1988 sequel to the 1981 box office smash.Arthur Bach(Moore),and his bride Linda(Liza Minnelli)are living a great life,until Bert(Elliott)and Susan(Sikes)Johnson ,extract their revenge.Bert bankrupts Arthur,and the only way he...
Arthur Bach is a irreverent, drunken, millionaire playboy with his faithful, dry-humored butler, Hobson, always at his side. He is also a lovable drunk best who is best summarized in his own words "I race cars, play tennis, and fondle women, BUT! I have weekends off, and I am my own boss." However...
Arthur Bach(Russell Band),a rich,often drunk,playboy, must marry his mother's assistant(Jennifer Garner)or lose his multi million dollar inheritance.Things become really complicated when Arthur falls in love with a free spirited woman named Naomi(Greta Gerwig).This film is a remake of the 1981 film...
In Manhattan, prostitutes are being murdered by a psycho. A detective is assigned to track him down and bring him in.
Around The World In 80 Days (1989)(1989)
A Victorian Age English gentleman takes a wager that he can circle the globe in the unprecedented time of just 80 days.
Around the Country(2010)
In this film version of Coolduder's popular Around the Town web series, Shawn and M.J go on a cross-country road trip from Baltimore to San-Deigo for their final video together.
Army of Darkness(1992)
After witnessing his world literally turned upside down in a vortex at the end of Evil Dead 2, Ash is sucked back into the dark ages, Necronomicum in tow. Armed with chainsaw and boomstick, Ash carries on dealing death to the deadites and spawns an evil clone along the way. Campy, slapstick ma...
The Armstrong Lie(2013)
A documentary chronicling sports legend Lance Armstrong's improbable rise and ultimate fall from grace.
Armed and Dangerous(1986)
Frank Dooley is an ex-cop, thrown out of the force after being framed by corrupt colleagues. Herman Kane is an out of work attorney who quit because he lost his nerve. Both men turn to a private security firm to find employment, but everything goes quickly wrong when the first warehouse they guard g...
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