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Assault And Matrimony(1987)
A struggling married couple(Jill Eikenberry and Michael Tucker)wage war on each other.
Assault In Paradise(1977)
A Native American travels around a resort town, murdering cops and rich people with a high-powered crossbow, while demanding that the town's richest residents pay him money to stop the killings.
The Asphyx(1973)
English country squire Sir Hugo Cunningham searches for immortality by literally 'bottling up' the Spirit of the Dead, or Asphyx.
Aspen Extreme(1993)
T.J. and his friend Dexter quit their jobs in Detroit to become ski-instructors in Aspen. While T.J. advances to the most popular instructor of the school during the season, he has to take care for Dexter, who's future is less bright and who's eventually thinking about jobbing as drug courier - brin...
Ask Max(1986)
Max Baxter (Jeff Cohen, "The Goonies") is a child genius who sells his latest invention to a toy company. Soon he's running the company... and a movie studio. "Ask Max" originally aired on The Disney Sunday Movie. The film has never had an official video release.
Ashes Of Time(1994)
A broken-hearted hit man moves to the desert where he finds skilled swordsmen to carry out his contract killings.
Dr. David Linderby and his wife Anansa are carrying out a medical mission in a small African village when Anansa is kidnapped by a slave trader. From this moment, her husband will do anything by traveling across the desert to find and recover her and to punish the bad guys, but that will be not an e...
As Good As It Gets(1997)
James L. Brooks (Terms of Endearment, Broadcast News) directed this $50 million-plus romantic comedy, set in Manhattan. Dysfunctional, acid-tongued romance novelist Melvin Udall (Jack Nicholson), who suffers from an obsessive-compulsive disorder, takes pride in his ability to offend. At a nearby caf...
Art of Fighting(1993)
Based on a popular video game, Art of Fighting is a Japanese animated action adventure story in which Robert and Ryo accidentally witness a mob execution while looking for a lost cat. The gangsters try to kill the pair, but when that fails, they kidnap Ryo's sister, which forces them to get medieval...
The Art Of The Dying(1990)
Wings Hauser both stars in and directs The Art of Dying. Hauser plays Jack, a vice cop who tries to unravel the mystery behind a series of murders in which each of the corpses has been found with stage makeup on its face. Turns out that the killer is Roscoe (Gary Werntz), a demented movie-maker whos...
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