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Plot Summary for Astonished (1988) A European woman living in Greenwich Village sees her life starting to come apart. She's broke, seems to be hallucinating and seeing people she dreams about appear in her real life, and on top of that finds herself accused of a pair of murders. Cast (in cred...
Asterix Versus Caesar (1985)
Asterix Versus Caesar (Astérix et la surprise de César, 1985) is the first of the 1980s Asterix films, based on the Asterix comic books, and is often considered as one of the best Asterix-films by fans of the comics and the movies. The movie is a great departure from the early movies, not only...
Asterix indta'r Rom(2012)
Twelve Tasks of Asterix (Les Douze travaux d'Astérix) is an animated feature film based on the Asterix comic book series. The screenplay was written by Pierre Tchernia, a friend of René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo, and produced at the Idefix Studios. Unlike the other Asterix animated movies, it was...
The Associate(1996)
In this comedy, a woman discovers that it's impossible to get ahead in business without a man to guide her — so she invents one. Laurel (Whoopi Goldberg) is an expert financial analyst with a top Wall Street brokerage; however, she keeps getting passed over for raises and promotions, and she's conv...
Assault on Precinct Thirteen(1976)
In Los Angeles, the street gangs unite and declare war to the police. Meanwhile, a father stops his car in a suburb and his daughter goes to an ice-cream truck to buy a ice-cream. She is murdered in cold blood by a member of one gang. The father follows the guy, kills him with many shots and runs to...
Assault on Precinct 13 (1976)
The lone inhabitants of an abandoned police station are under attack by the overwhelming numbers of a seemingly unstoppable street gang.
Assault Of The Party Nerds 2(1995)
Subtitle: "The Heavy Petting Detective". Ritchie Spencer is now a detective, and he's hired by Muffin's father to investigate a case where Bud may end up owning Muffin's company.
Assault Of The Party Nerds(1989)
Ritchie Spencer and his friends have a problem. They are the only 4 members of their fraternity, and they are all graduating. They must find a way to bring in more members before they leave, and dodge their way around the rival jock fraternity.
Assault And Matrimony(1987)
Silvia (Jill Eikenberry) and Edgar (Michael Tucker) are having marital troubles. They both love their house, but they realize that if they were to divorce, they would have to sell it. They decide to do something a little different to bring the marraige to an end...
The Asphyx(1973)
English country squire Sir Hugo Cunningham searches for immortality by literally 'bottling up' the Spirit of the Dead, or Asphyx.
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