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The 40 Year Old Virgin(2005)
Andy Stitzer is the eponymous 40-year-old virgin who is involuntarily celibate. He lives alone, and is somewhat childlike and collects action figures, plays video games, and his social life seems to consist of watching Survivor with his elderly neighbors. He works in the stockroom at an electronics...
40 Carats(1973)
A forty year old woman who was vacationing in Greece meets a twenty-two year old, who was also on vacation. They spend the night together and she leaves him while he was sleeping. She then returns to New York and she is stunned to learn that her daughter's boyfriend is him. He then pursues her, and...
3 Strikes(2000)
Noted hip-hop producer DJ Pooh, who co-wrote the urban comedy Friday, makes his directorial debut with this comedy-drama. A young African-American man is enjoying his freedom after his second stretch in prison. Under the "three strikes and you're out" law, another brush with the police could mean li...
3 Ninjas Knuckle Up(1995)
In this movie Rocky, Colt and TumTum must battle an evil wealthy toxic waste dumper in order to save a local Indian tribe and their friend Joe. The 3 Ninjas must help find Joe's father and find a secret disk that contains evidence that could stop the toxic landfill that is destroying the Indian comm...
3 Ninjas Kick Back(1994)
They're baaaaaaack! Rocky, Colt and Tum Tum in their first adventure since their last! Now, older, and more advanced. Grandpa now tells them they're ready to learn from a teacher in Japan. But before they can go, the boys have a baseball match which really takes a turn for the worse. Also, a childho...
3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain(1998)
Three young boys, Rocky, Colt and Tum Tum together with their neighbor girl, computer whiz Amanda are visiting Mega Mountain amusement park when it is invaded by an army of ninjas led by evil Medusa, who wants to take over the park and hold the owners for ransom. Kids and retired TV star Dave Dragon...
3 Ninjas(1993)
Meet Samuel, Jeffrey and Michael Douglas! Their grandfather, Mori Tanaka, is highly skilled in the fields of Martial Arts and Ninjitsu. And for years he's been training these boys this technique. He even gave them names: Rocky because he's "solid and cool as granite rock"; Colt, because he's "fast a...
3 Godfathers(1948)
Three outlaws on the run discover a dying woman and her baby. They swear to bring the infant to safety across the desert, even at the risk of their own lives.
3 Dev Adam(1973)
3 Dev Adam (translated as Three Mighty Men but also known as Captain America and Santo vs. Spider-Man) is an infamous low-budget Turkish movie starring the superheroes Captain America, Santo and Spider-Man as the main characters. Notably, Spider-Man is the villain of the piece. Istanbul is being...
36 Hours To Die(1999)
The head of a brewery enlists his family and his bowling team to fight an extortion scheme developed by a local mobster to try to ruin the businessman and his family. The brewer's wife is a financial whiz, who helps beat the scheme. Jack O'Malley is the man's uncle, who offers brawn as well as brain...
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