arizvega Posted 6 years 1 month ago
    I still love this movie they should make part 2....
    CartoonKing2 Posted 6 years 10 months ago
    Another Pixar classic. I loved it, but I do have to agree with Benjanime. "Antz" was a little better.
    kingmax99 Posted 7 years 23 days ago
    WAYYYYY better than antz!! No contest
    Benjanime Posted 7 years 1 month ago
    it was an alright film, not up there with toy story though dreamworks' ANTZ was better
    199478q29 Posted 7 years 1 month ago
    One of my favroite movies of all time I still have the 1999 VHS.
    Eddy Posted 7 years 2 months ago
    This was a huge part of my childhood, I preferred this to toy story and always thought they should make A Bug's Life 2, but please don't, at this time they're probably gonna butcher it...

    Somehow it has synchronized feel with chocobo racing game, dunno why but it just feels that way.
    foxkidsfan Posted 7 years 7 months ago
    A bug's life is definately one of pixar's best films. There are a lot to admire in this film. I think that the casting of kevin spacey as hopper was a great choice particularly because he played john doe in Se7en. Here's my favourite quote now: You let one ant stand up to us, and they all might stand up! Those "puny little ants" outnumber us a hundred to one. And if they ever figure that out... THERE GOES OUR WAY OF LIFE! It's not about food. It's about keeping those ants in line. THAT'S WHY WE'RE GOING BACK! Does anyone else wanna stay?!
    Biglilsis Posted 8 years 4 months ago
    A really great movie! I do also like Antz but A Bugs Life is more for children and Antz has alot of adult humor mixed in. I like them both! "...And thats how my 4th(?) husband died. So now I'm a widow...well I've always been a Black Widow but now I'm a Black Widow widow! Hahaha!"
    Benjanime Posted 8 years 8 months ago
    candycane is saying....

    just so you all know. she's just saying.... something. we don't know what it is, but she's saying
    Trueblue94 Posted 8 years 10 months ago
    My favorite Pixar movie ^.^ YOU FIRED!!!

    I also like Gary's Game, as I think it's called. I bought the VHS tape that had Flick on it.
    Deleted Posted 8 years 10 months ago
    My favorite Pixar movie of all time.
    nick Posted 8 years 10 months ago
    My favorite characters are Dot and Frances(the Ladybug). I love how Dot keeps calling Frances "Mam". This movie makes me smile.
    AnimationLover Posted 9 years 3 days ago
    A Bug's Life Is The Coolest.
    CandyCane Posted 9 years 1 month ago
    Wow Benjanime i'm saying...
    MissBumpy Posted 9 years 2 months ago
    My dad took me to see this movie in theaters when I was four
    Benjanime Posted 9 years 2 months ago
    oh geez, ppl complaining about four-legged ants. apparently those guys don't understand what you can make for cartoons... lol. anyway, i loved watching this movie with my bro before he left
    CandyCane Posted 9 years 7 months ago
    Yea.. i have to agree that was weird when the ants only had four legs..
    ilovemohawks Posted 9 years 9 months ago
    A disappoint in my eyes, but it wasn't THAT bad.
    Gatomon94 Posted 10 years 2 months ago
    I really liked this movie, but I thought it was weird that the ants only had four legs.
    Phantasmagoria_3D Posted 10 years 6 months ago
    I actually liked Antz better, but this was still good!
    RetroToon Posted 10 years 8 months ago
    One of the more underrated Pixar films now, but like all of them this movie was good. I remember when it first came out on VHS they had different characters on the cover. I bought the one with Hopper on it!
    DieYuppieScum Posted 10 years 8 months ago
    Not a Retro movie, And yes ANTZ was better... I love em some Woody Allen
    gabriellebeasca Posted 10 years 11 months ago of my favorite movies to watch with my cousins when we were little...BAH! Who am I kidding! I still watch it with my cousins! nyahaha!
    ECROWE4149 Posted 11 years 18 days ago
    I must agree with Joyce13
    DancePetunia Posted 11 years 1 month ago
    I love this movie, and it was better than Antz.
    Joyce13 Posted 11 years 1 month ago
    This movie was excellent. It was one of my favorite Disney movies.
    VIsraWrats Posted 11 years 3 months ago
    An okay movie but... it's not as good as Antz.
    Astera Posted 11 years 6 months ago
    This movie was awesome, I remember always watching it at daycare.
    The Walkin Memorial Posted 11 years 9 months ago
    This was the first movie i went to see at the theater it was great
    grizzly Posted 11 years 11 months ago
    I remember watching this movie in French in my French class in grade 6 or 7, can't remember.
    AngelWolfDemon Posted 12 years 2 months ago
    This was a great movie and I have it. Pretend its a seed *looks confused* but its a rock
    RetroSeaside Posted 12 years 2 months ago
    *Hands everyone a rock.* Pretend it's a seed!
    retro_nerd Posted 12 years 5 months ago
    Is it odd that I had a crush on Flik?
    Trashley Posted 12 years 7 months ago
    This was the worst of the Pixar movies...well it wasn't bad, but all the others were pretty much great, except the Incredibles because I never saw that one, and don't care to because it looks lame.
    imissem Posted 12 years 7 months ago
    poor poor grasshppers..they need love to!
    suekosa Posted 12 years 8 months ago
    I didn't really like this movie, mainly because of the topic of the movie