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    Season One

    Samantha Russell, Man Stealer

    Patti's Party

    Shooting Stars

    What Makes Samantha Run?


    The Aunt Elsie Crisis: Day One

    Teacher's Pet

    Mirror, Mirror......on the Wall

    Babes in the Woods

    Jingle Bell Rock Bottom

    Club Dread

    Anything for a Friend

    Almost In-Laws

    Go Crazy

    Another Saturday Night

    Family Business

    Making Up Is Hard To Do

    If You Knew Susie

    Sister, Can You Spare A Fifty?


    Campaign Contributions

    Fog Bound

    Season Two

    Goodbye, Steve

    And They Said It Would Never Last

    Deep Throat

    Never a Bridesmaid

    Who's Afraid of Virginia Schultz?

    Drive, She Said

    Revenge of the Russell Sisters

    Play It Again, Sam

    Ol' Green Eyes Is Back

    Life, Death, and Admiral Andy

    It's My Party and I'll Kill If I Want To

    Good Neighbor Sam

    Patti, I Have a Feeling We're Not in Oregon Anymore

    The Art of Love

    Camp Burnout

    The Grand Prize

    Walk a While in My Shoes

    The Wrong Stuff

    The Thrill of Agony, the Victory of Defeat

    The Good, The Bad, and The Auditor


    A Day in the Lives
    Hordak Alpha Posted 4 years 24 days ago

    San Francisco free lance photographer Samantha 'Sam' Russell (Pam Dawber) seems to have her life in order until her teenage sister, Patti(Rebecca Schaeffer), decides to move in and turn Sam's life on it's head. Along with next door neighbor and former beau Jack Kincaid(David Naughton), Sam's agent J.D. Lucas(Joel Brooks), and friend and co-worker Dixie Randazzo(Jenny O'Hara), Sam's life is certainly never boring. Always full of love and laughs along the way, Sam and Patti's life adventures strengthen the bond that only sisters can understand.