Italianbaby Posted 8 years 14 hours ago
    I WAS OBSESSED WITH THIS SHOW!!! I was in love with Max(played by Jason Behr)I hated Tess lol and i cried when it ended...I have season 1 on DVD and now have my bro and my dad's gf hooked on it from watching the DVD with me lol
    dahm322 Posted 9 years 11 months ago
    I recently got hooked on the show, Im a big Twilight fan and i herd that Roswell had alot of simlaraties like twilight so i went to best buy bought the seasons and enjoyed them greatly. there was no dissapointments of the show whatsoever
    TransformersNut Posted 10 years 7 months ago
    Actually, this is a bit of an underrated show.
    lovinoldshows Posted 11 years 1 month ago
    Good theme song by Dido but the show sucked lol. Katherine Heigl got smart and is on a good show now.
    debbiemrnd Posted 11 years 5 months ago
    I have season 1,2,and 3 and for me was so good that I was totally hooked on it. I steel watch it over and over again. Please make the fourth season because we want to know what could happend to Max baby, also what happend after Max and Liz get married, with Michael and Maria, also Isabel and Jessie. Please I will be the first one to buy the season. I have my family totally hooked on with this serie...

    From Puerto Rico
    killjoy Posted 11 years 7 months ago
    Wasn't bad but hated how Tess and Alex turned out.