morelshroomgirl1976 Posted 6 years 8 months ago
    Yea it came on with Pink Panther, at least when I watched it. I loved these guys!
    Retro Wop Posted 6 years 11 months ago
    These were the greatest, they don't make cartoons like this anymore. The And and the Ardvark was one of my Saturday morning favorites. I think this show started in the Pink Panther series?
    plg6 Posted 7 years 2 months ago
    I'm trying to find the "original" instant hole cartoon, which the Ant and the Aardvark used later on. Best as I remember it some 40 years or so out was a mad scientist type who'd invented "instant hole." Apparently his wife was something of a hen-pecking type so at the end of the cartoon he decides to use the IH on the floor, drop her through it and send her to Hell. He does so and feels smug - for a moment or two. Up pops the Devil, with his wife in tow and tells him that HE doesn't want her down there either. A vague sense of Bugs Bunny in it and some machine that would travel underground and collapse buildings up above it - another tool of the same mad scientist. Or perhaps two fragments of unrelated cartoons that the memory has joined together over time. Does this ring a bell with anyone else, as I'm sure Friz Freleng took IH to the Ant and the Aardvark from prior use?
    JamesAnthonyGreen Posted 10 years 5 months ago
    I enjoyed watching The Ant and the Aardvark very much as part of The Pink Panther Show during the 1982-83 era.
    Chaka Posted 10 years 6 months ago
    John Byner was an impressionist much like Rich little correct? The Aardvark talked like Jackie Mason and the ant sounded like Dean Martin. Very creative.
    SSJ Jup81 Posted 11 years 10 months ago
    Of course, given my age, I didn't watch this when it originally aired, but I did like it. I liked the way the Aardvark talked.
    jpickens Posted 11 years 11 months ago
    Yes it did run with the Pink Panther it was very funny.
    kimsy520 Posted 12 years 5 months ago
    *sigh* I loved this show...I wish they brought it back