LJK193 Posted 4 years 5 months ago
    One of the best video-game shows ever! Way better than the crappy overrated Sonic shows
    CartoonKing2 Posted 4 years 7 months ago
    This show is really good. Much better than the other two Mario cartoons. But I hated the episodes where they were in the real world. Especially the episode with Milli Vanilli in it. When they just went there sometimes it was okay, but that episode (and a few others) had just too much of the real world. Also does this mean that Mario knows he's in a video game world and he isn't real. Other than that this show was pretty good.
    Flan Do Posted 5 years 3 months ago
    The weirdest episode I've seen is "Mind Your Mummy Mommy Mario" which is the farthest from the game that I've seen.
    Super Silver Posted 5 years 6 months ago
    I have some episodes on DVD and I thought it was weird but it was sort of a good show I watched a little bit of it on DVD and never watched it again
    BlueDragon87 Posted 5 years 9 months ago
    i got the complete season the show was decent back how they added the sound effects from the video and put them into the show.
    SeanN64 91 Posted 6 years 1 month ago
    This was the best Mario game adaption ever!
    grimreaperchik Posted 6 years 4 months ago
    Love this Cartoon as well as the Super MArio Bros. Show!!
    BenJamin Posted 6 years 5 months ago
    I'm actually watching this on DVD right now beginning with Sneaky Lying Cheating Giant Ninja Koopas. What really shocked me is that one episode includes Milli Vanilli but from I found out the audio for their singing was muted out. No surprise.
    Deleted Posted 6 years 5 months ago
    I have this show on DVD....and proud of it.
    tvshowguy Posted 7 years 4 months ago
    aired 1990-1990 i dont get it....??????
    TurboDuo Posted 7 years 4 months ago
    I forgot to mention that this was my first video game cartoon ever.
    mariobro27 Posted 7 years 4 months ago
    they actually still air this in the UK on POP! as well as super mario world.
    TurboDuo Posted 7 years 6 months ago
    This was my favorite Mario cartoon. I even have the complete series DVD box set.
    EZR09 Posted 7 years 7 months ago
    The last time this show was on it was on PAX TV. I was in middle school at the time and I cheated on my punishment by watching it when I was not suppose to. One time I did not get caught and two times I did. I was grounded for fighting some students who were being rude by calling me Charlie Brown and all sorts of stuff. I don't know why they were doing it.
    Toxie Posted 7 years 8 months ago
    this mario show was totally adorable!i have 5 epis in one of my tapes!:D
    RadRacer56 Posted 7 years 9 months ago
    Ah! one of my favorite cartoon returns. (because I bought this on DVD) great memories!. (Thanks a million ShoutFactory!)
    nas86 Posted 7 years 9 months ago
    sonicemerald Posted 8 years 2 months ago
    ok well then I enjoyed teh show with protomen as the bad guy cuz then both megaman and wily were even because megaman had to fight protomen.... which reminds m... if you like megaman you should check out the band"the protomen" they are an awesome band devoted to megaman!
    sonicemerald Posted 8 years 3 months ago
    so the series took mm3 idea and implemented it throughout the whole series...
    sonicemerald Posted 8 years 3 months ago
    YES he did.... WHY did he fight Megaman? because Dr. Wily programmed him to.

    so the series took mm3 idea and implemented it throughout the whole series...
    sonicemerald Posted 8 years 3 months ago
    you know actually to end this whole arguement or whatever.... if she offended you should you should've just said so... not bash her... because I mean how did she know you would get hurt because of what she said...

    The best way would've been to Say something like.

    Redyoshi, that comment hurt my feelings/offended me and I would really enjoy it if you didn't post anything else like that about this show because I really liked this show.
    sonicemerald Posted 8 years 3 months ago
    Megaman???? because protomen worked for Dr. Wily????

    Ummm excuse me but Dr. Light created Protoman and he malfunctioned... and Dr. Wily reprogrammed him to work for him.... exactly like in the video games.....

    and yeah Sonic Underground wasn't really based on the games.... but I still LOVE THE SHOW.
    sonicemerald Posted 8 years 3 months ago
    dude its not a freaking battle against good or bad.... his sister is not the enemy.... and no you didnt prove anything....
    blueluigi Posted 8 years 3 months ago
    sonic64: She already told me that she was gonna stop posting. It's not because she thinks it's wrong but because she doesn't like to keep arguing. You don't need to reply to more of her posts.
    sonicemerald Posted 8 years 3 months ago
    to sonic64:
    It's not really wrong....... IT IS AN OPINION....

    opinions can't be classified as wrong or right...

    besides... how can you make the comment go away if there's no way to delete the comment??

    "... but to others it's a hate note that wasn't meant to be read."

    so there's a whole bunch of stuff in the world that isn't meant to heard/seen/or read how can you stop them??? you can't you just have to move on..... but it is good fight back...

    but i mean on something as silly as retrojunk?!?!

    i mean come on there's kids starving in africa. kids being used as sex slaves in Thailand.......... homeless in america.....
    and YOUR sitting here argueing about a show that most of these people haven't even seen....

    catch the irony?
    sonicemerald Posted 8 years 3 months ago
    i wasnt talking about naruto... i was tallking about ignoring her comment.
    Your advice is good... but that only works for people who follow it... what about if they do post something bad, shouldn't you ignore it as well? of course maybe just state ytour opinions... but not getinto a huge fight ... calling her something she's definately not... (a skank defination at - )
    that definately can't be determined from a simple post online about a 10 years old show that someone doesnt like....
    sonicemerald Posted 8 years 3 months ago
    to sonic64: Why shouldn't you just ignore it?
    sonicemerald Posted 8 years 3 months ago
    She's not even telling you not to like it.. she was just stating her mind.. and you decided to reply. you don't have to think everything said on here is a direct insult to you... just because somebody hates this show doesnt mean you have to get all defensive.. I mean sure its a good show, but its nothing to get in a fight about. There's no point in telling somebody to like a show just because you like it... that be like telling someone to go jump off a bridge because you are doing it.

    P.S. people who don't have lives are DEAD.
    sonicemerald Posted 8 years 3 months ago
    wow the immaturity here is off the scale! Seriously.. arguing about a cartoon.... man what next arguing which episode of Barney was the best? (The brithday episode is totally the bomb btw)

    to sonic64: Racism is against a certain RACE. Blacks, whites, reds, mexican, canadian, you name it. all the humans are a certain race. I believe the Jews fall under this category as well but I think thats more of a religious hate then a racist.

    also: redyoshi stated The only Nintendo cartoon that I even do like is the original seasons of Pokemon which later went downhill. she said she doesnt care for nintendo cartoons even after saying that the only cartoon she likes is pokemon.

    to redyoshi: Hi! how are you doing? (lol)
    blueluigi Posted 8 years 4 months ago
    Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you, Redyoshi. The village idiot on Retrojunk.
    Redyoshi Posted 8 years 4 months ago
    To sonic64: I know Pokemon is a Nintendo cartoon. I said that the original seasons of Pokemon is the ONLY Nintendo cartoon that I do like. I don't like the new episodes though, but I still like it better than all the other Nintendo cartoons.
    Redyoshi Posted 8 years 4 months ago
    And I'm not trying to spam here either if that's what some of you people might be thinking. I just don't care about Nintendo cartoons.
    Redyoshi Posted 8 years 4 months ago
    To sonic64: There's just another thing I need to say. How does the fact that I don't like The Adventures of Super Mario Bros 3 have to do with me being a racist. Racist means that you hate black and mexican people. Hating The Super Mario cartoons has nothing to do with racism. I think you're just being a total retard. Not because you like the Super Mario Bros cartoons but it's because you say I'm racist. I just don't like the SMB cartoons or any other Nintendo cartoon. What's wrong with my opinion. Stop being so close minded and learn that we're not all born to be the same. I don't even like the SMB cartoons or any Nintendo cartoon for that matter. The only Nintendo cartoon that I even do like is the original seasons of Pokemon which later went downhill. I would rather watch any Pokemon episode than the other Nintendo cartoons.
    Redyoshi Posted 8 years 4 months ago
    To sonic64: There's more reasons to why I don't like this show. You want to know what they are? Well here they are:

    1 - There's a musical number in every episode that sounds like it's sung by kids. That sounds really bad and babyish. It's even worse than the songs featured in Donkey Kong Country and Chalkzone which are also bad shows.

    2 - The animation is really bad, I mean come on, even Ren and Stimpy has better animation.

    3 - The characters don't relate to the video games, except for Mario eating pasta and Luigi being a coward, those are pretty much the only relations.

    4 - The episodes either have a bad plot or no plot at all.

    I'm done for now.
    Redyoshi Posted 8 years 4 months ago
    To sonic64: I could hate what I want to hate and like what I want to like and so can you. Why do you have a big problem that I hate this show, that's my opinion. Why do you think that only a moron would hate this show? you tell me.
    Redyoshi Posted 8 years 4 months ago
    Nothing about this show was even good. Every episode there is always some kind of musical number that sounds like there's a bunch of kids singing. And their adventures are just stupid with no plots. And sonic64, I DO enjoy some good shows such as Rocko's Modern Life and Ren and Stimpy. But not this show, this show wasn't even good.
    blueluigi Posted 8 years 5 months ago
    sonic64: I don't think she lied about it. I think that she truely believes it. She, along with her friends, would tell me that this show is as dumb as I am and it's for people with absolutly no lives.
    blueluigi Posted 8 years 5 months ago
    And another thing is that I kept it a secret from my sister because if she EVER finds out that I got the DVD boxset, she'll think it's the dumbest show ever made, and me the dumbest teenager ever and yes I seriously mean EVER (well I'm autistic for one thing). I was all freaking and hypered up from looking at the DVD menu you have absolutly no idea. I was LITERALLY jumping up and down from excitement. And while watching the first episode on the DVD (even though I already have the episode on my King Koopa Katastripie DVD) I was jumping with joy.
    blueluigi Posted 8 years 5 months ago
    Well I got the DVD boxset today and I tell you I LOVED it. The DVD menu is sort of a connection between the video game and the TV show. And also the inside of the cases shows icons of Mario cartoon characters along with the "3" icon which I believe is a resembleance to the back of the box to the actual NES game.
    Tailsfan89 Posted 8 years 5 months ago
    I don't care what anyone says, I love this show no matter what people say about it. This show is NOT retarded!! It is my favourite Mario cartoon :)
    blueluigi Posted 8 years 5 months ago
    My sister seemed really offended when you called her a moron sonic64. she even made a thread about this.
    Redyoshi Posted 8 years 5 months ago
    You think I'M a moron?! What about you? I think you're the one who has no life if you actually like this retarded show. I mean sure it's OK for the 8 year olds but people who are like 16 like my brother is, no way!

    PS: For the record, I'm a SHE, not a he.
    licawolf Posted 8 years 5 months ago
    I used to rent this show all time when I was a child
    Redyoshi Posted 8 years 5 months ago
    I hate this show. I could hardly belive that Nintendo would actually make another Mario cartoon after SMBSS got cancelled which people didn't watch anyway. Why would Nintendo want to make a new Super Mario cartoon if their first one failed completely. I mean come on, you have to be a complete moron to actually like this show. This show sucks and my advice, stay away from it AT ALL COSTS!!!
    fatcat Posted 8 years 9 months ago
    I love this show. i have it on VHS.
    Nostalgiascape Posted 8 years 9 months ago
    This was THE SMB show for me.
    blueluigi Posted 8 years 9 months ago
    Well this show is finally being released on a DVD boxset. It's being released on June 5, 2007.
    blueluigi Posted 9 years 7 days ago
    Hopefully they will put this show on DVD boxset sometime soon.

    PS: Captain N has been moved to February 22.
    blueluigi Posted 9 years 14 days ago
    sonic64: Captain N is gonna be released in a DVD boxset in February 13 2007.
    blueluigi Posted 9 years 26 days ago
    Oh man I hope this show gets released in DVD boxset. I have the one official DVD "King Koopa Katastirpie" which contains 6 episodes.
    retroguy78 Posted 9 years 2 months ago
    I recorded one episode of this show a really long time ago, but I lost the tape. It was alright, but I don't think it was any match for its predecessor.

    As if King Koopa wasn't bad enough, now he has kids? AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! lol

    Who was the mother?
    devin_b Posted 9 years 3 months ago
    I loved the game so it was gonna be obvious I'd love the show. Watched it every chance I had.
    David31584 Posted 9 years 6 months ago
    It had 3 releases on DVD by a Dutch distributor (Disky) here in the UK, though they are very hard to come by.
    David31584 Posted 9 years 6 months ago
    Their names are
    Kootie Pie=Wendy O'Koopa
    Bully=Roy Koopa
    Big Mouth= Morton Koopa Jr.
    Kooky Von Koopa= Ludwig Von Koopa.
    Cheatsy= Larry Koopa
    Hip Koopa and Hop Koopa= Iggy Koopa and Lemmy Koopa (Out of Hip and Hop I can't remember which is which) I don't know where the name Chichi came from for Kootie Pie (which is Wendy's name on the show).
    retro_gamer_Zero Posted 9 years 8 months ago
    My local video store has some of these episodes on tape in there original boxes. I rent them all the time.
    Phantasmagoria_3D Posted 10 years 14 days ago
    FreakinSweet87 Posted 10 years 2 months ago
    I never saw this show, or Mario World for that matter. I only remember the Super Show
    NickMania Posted 10 years 2 months ago
    Thats Right Ya Gotta Love It!
    Retro Ru-Bot Posted 10 years 3 months ago
    Good God! I remember watching this when I was in middle school! I liked how they incorporated the game's sound effects and the fact that it tied well with the actual game.