deedee082 Posted 4 years 1 month ago
    I used to love this show only time I would catch it out on tv is when I was sick
    radmikey1986 Posted 4 years 8 months ago
    this was under my top 10 cartoons I watched everyday as a child. In canada we had a channel growing up called Global. I was born in 1986 i saw a lot of shows from the 1980s only seeing 3 years of the 80s haha but Global at 6am when I woke up had all these 80's classics. starting with Inpector gaget, garfield and friends,the real ghostbusters,dennis the menace and care bears every day! plus when I was 2 i started to watch The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. but i'll get to the point. I loved this show so much and it has a place in my heart. I wanted a slingshot cause of him and not bart. But Dennis The menace was awesome and still be oen of the best 80's cartoons. I'm singing the theme song right now. D-D-Dennis Dennis the menace haha
    sonicjesus Posted 6 years 4 months ago
    The reason it mentions the US is because there is another comic in the UK also called Dennis the Menace, but he\'s more badass.
    Sonic2Tomandjerry Posted 6 years 8 months ago
    This show still airs in nickelodeon(nick at nite)or Kidsco(at least in my country)
    dededeisawesome Posted 6 years 9 months ago
    this was a show?
    Toxie Posted 7 years 1 month ago
    aww i miss those!i loved dennis the menace!
    greyink07 Posted 7 years 2 months ago
    i loved this show watched it everyday it came on around 1 or 2 o\'clock week days
    fwbkidd Posted 7 years 4 months ago
    prime time saturday mornings...I was either starting school or my first year in when this was peaking my interest..
    animefan123 Posted 7 years 8 months ago
    I loved this show. Gina was always my favorite
    EZR09 Posted 7 years 9 months ago
    I loved this cartoon and I thought it was really funny. My sister thinks it\'s stupid. I made copies of it on video.
    serenityrain Posted 8 years 1 month ago
    so remember this show the movie i thought was pretty funny
    JonHolly Posted 8 years 2 months ago
    One of the Greatest!
    pearljamownzyou Posted 8 years 4 months ago
    I wish Dennis The Menance would come out on DVD.
    Oldschoolgamer83 Posted 8 years 6 months ago
    One of my favorite intros of all time. I loved this show.
    edward1 Posted 8 years 7 months ago
    whats the third intro season 2
    ScottTrakker Posted 8 years 10 months ago
    mmmmmm mmmmmm Dennis the menace mmmmmm ....
    HarryReems Posted 8 years 11 months ago
    I remember trying to sleep in on weekday morning, and some jerk in my house turned this show on and blasted it through the house. The intro song is not something you want to hear really loud when you\'re trying to sleep.
    TV1985 Posted 9 years 15 days ago
    Just the other day I was flipping through channels and came across this on Boomerang. So if you want to watch this, it\'s now on Cartoon Network\'s: Boomerang.

    Before that, the last time I saw this was on Fox Family Channel back in 1998.
    Deleted Posted 9 years 29 days ago
    Now THIS was a fun show to watch. They just brought it back on Boomerang today.
    Auspex420 Posted 9 years 2 months ago
    Athena9188 Posted 9 years 9 months ago
    This was an after school show that my brother and i watched constantly.
    JP Posted 9 years 9 months ago
    I remember this show. I think it was on CBS or one of the other stations in the mid 90\'s. I liked the show, it was something to wach at three during the summer, and was the beginning of the cartoon hours (3p-5p). Of course I sometimes got ticked off with the way Dennis parents disipled him (never). Other then that, This was a fun show.
    Moonxtal Posted 9 years 10 months ago
    I liked this show, wasn\'t my most favorite, but worth my time. I always felt bad for Mr. Wilson.
    Phantasmagoria_3D Posted 9 years 11 months ago
    This was one of my favorite cartoons I\'d watch on T.V. every morning during summertime in the early 90s! IIt\'s so unforgettable!
    NickMania Posted 10 years 1 hour ago
    Way Big Thanks Too Whoever Uploaded That Second Intro!!! I Havent Seen That One in a Long Time!!!
    kimsy520 Posted 10 years 1 month ago
    I loved this cartoon :D I loved all the DIC cartoons!
    CanadianWeirdAlFan Posted 10 years 2 months ago
    I enjoyed this cartoon. It was on before school..after Inspector Gadget. The funny thing is, Inspector Gadget was always on at 7 am, while whatever was on at 7:30 was alternated. Sometimes it would be Babar, or Teddy Ruxpin, Police Acadamy, Astroboy and the best - The Super Mario Brothers Super Show (with other cool video game shows).

    Dennis is the most loved brat.
    robmon300 Posted 10 years 2 months ago
    dude the dog has same hair style as dennis what the fu@#.
    diggidy28 Posted 10 years 3 months ago
    I probably watched this show more than any other cartoon. I remember it very well, I think it was on in the morning before school.
    robmon300 Posted 10 years 6 months ago
    that boy is going to send mr.willson to his grave if he keeps it up .