dave365 Posted 7 years 4 months ago
    Dat was really a gud show
    Aleolus Posted 7 years 8 months ago
    Rally J, y'all! Ghostwriter for the win!
    othersiidex3 Posted 8 years 1 month ago
    ok coo,
    Deleted Posted 8 years 1 month ago
    Ghostwriter is still one of my favorite shows. I hated that it only aired once a week because I couldn\'t wait that long to solve the mystery! My favorite characters were Lenni, because of her unusual name and the fact that she was a writer and singer; and Rob, because he was a poet and story writer - and wasn\'t afraid to let these gifts shine even if he was a boy. My favorite episode was \"Just In Time,\" which I happen to have in book form, about how Ghostwriter travels back in time to help two kids named Frank and Catherine - who lived in Jamal\'s house in 1928 - solve the mystery of a missing silver tea set.
    Storm555 Posted 8 years 1 month ago
    Hey Rugrat007 your not alone! I remember watching this before Sponk! I loved this show to bits! My cousins and I were the biggest fans in our family. Even my mom remembers it.
    Rugrat007 Posted 8 years 7 months ago
    Does anyone remember watching this on noggin back in was the BOMB!!!!!!!!!!! Nobody my age really remembers it... throwback please?!!!!!
    thefredsfamily Posted 8 years 11 months ago
    I used to watch this show all the time on the old PBS Kids. I found the first episode on VHS at a antique shop!!!

    \"He\'s a Ghost, and He Writes to us...Ghostwriter!\"
    Melee5466 Posted 9 years 5 months ago
    I love there first movie!! WHAT WAS GHOSTWRITER IN HIS OTHER LIFE i need to know....
    Kenickie Posted 9 years 5 months ago
    Ghostwriter is one of my favorite shows of all time! I watch it all of the time on YouTube, and I\'m even loading an episode now. My favorite was Alex...he was a total babe. I wonder what they\'re doing now...
    CGxSMASH Posted 9 years 5 months ago
    aww ghostwriterr! i was such a dork when i was younger that my friends and i re-created the club with us. i was lenny cuz i looked most like her. we had these note pads we\'d write on and crap lol & i even have the board game haha
    This_guy Posted 9 years 7 months ago
    I used to watch this all the time when it first aired on PBS on weeknights (I think). I used to think it was weird that all the kids had the exact same type of penmanship when writing.
    GoldenOne Posted 9 years 9 months ago
    I used to love this show!! One of my faves as a kid.
    cousin Kenster Posted 9 years 10 months ago
    Gooey Gus The Slime Monster always used to scare me....
    jobiedoll Posted 9 years 11 months ago
    Hey ghost writer has been put up on you tube for anyone who\'s interested
    adm10 Posted 10 years 26 days ago
    my brother and I watched this all the time. I wanted a pen like that so bad
    pitselah Posted 10 years 29 days ago
    I was so obsessed with this show, i even had my own pen on a necklace that I would carry around with me. Lenni was my favorite, and I also thought Alex was hot.
    lnbennett Posted 10 years 1 month ago
    This was the best show on tv then, wished it was still on. My kids love shows like law & order and CSI and Bones. Now Cartoons are pretty bad other than Scooby Doo and a select few others and then at night around 10 pm on Cartoon Network a childrens channel they have what they call adult swim, Oh MY GOSH. My children are forbidden to watch this channel almost completely. What is TV coming to it has really gotten bad. I used to watch Disney, Nickelodeon and other channels and they had great childrens shows now all they have is bad cartoons.
    Traces Posted 10 years 3 months ago
    yeah, this was back in the era before Noggin went crap.
    Back then, it was like the best channel. There was fred on your head and sponk and cro and a bunch of other sweet shows. nothing lasts forever huh
    Blue96sky Posted 10 years 4 months ago
    what the wack
    80sangel Posted 10 years 4 months ago
    This show was so much fun to watch. I was such a mystery nerd at this time I use to keep my own \"Ghost Writer\" journal that I used when I watched so I could try to solve the mystery before the kids did.
    serenityrain Posted 10 years 5 months ago
    he was sorry cant spell lol....
    serenityrain Posted 10 years 5 months ago
    i loved this show i never missed it...
    i remember the episode where gabby had this costume and wore it to some kind of convention and some how they thought that she stole this modle space ship called cutecy well any way it was pink jammal seemd to be the smartest one out of the bunch and gohst writer himself well did they ever find out who\'s gohst her was???
    misch3riedior Posted 10 years 5 months ago
    Man I loved this show. I think Gaby was my fav--- she was so hood lol... Everytime I watched this show, I\'d have my pen and pad nearby lol... Shows like that just don\'t come on anymore for kids and it\'s damn shame too.

    *** \'90\'s TV = TV at it\'s best ***
    supermama84 Posted 10 years 5 months ago
    I had the biggest crush on Alex!!!
    SuperT Posted 10 years 6 months ago
    i used to watch this show every morning before going to school
    allieg Posted 10 years 6 months ago
    That purple slime monster on the last episode still haunts my was so intense and creepy!
    kerfootb Posted 10 years 8 months ago
    Screw \'em then. I loved this show and occassionally watched it in school. The whole class was into it and all the multi-parters just kept us begging for more.
    ashestamour Posted 11 years 1 day ago
    I used to love this show, but my brother and parents hated it so much, I felt bad for watching it. :[
    luvya525 Posted 11 years 21 days ago
    this was was fun to watch
    Ihatenaruto Posted 11 years 2 months ago
    This used to be Noggin. Thats the only place i watched it. I loved it!!! It went goodbye along with the old noggin. This chanel was 298 on direct tv. They had promos and everything on noggin. Heck it was on there old website.
    Kumero Posted 11 years 2 months ago
    LOL....Gooey Gus The Slime Monster...wasnt that the last episode, man I loved that show made you think and you had fun too...lame I know but still. It made me want to solve the OJ Simpson trial
    BYERE Posted 11 years 2 months ago
    I liked this show... fun to watch
    nichole98 Posted 11 years 3 months ago
    I so loved this show it was because it was about solving mysteries all the time.
    jonghyunchung Posted 11 years 3 months ago
    TaZ: I agree with you. I never recall seeing this show, ever.
    Purplestripes Posted 11 years 4 months ago
    Loved this show... wish it was still on.
    daminmancejin Posted 11 years 10 months ago
    who miss this tv show i sure do alot!
    Indolence Posted 12 years 20 days ago
    wow i liked this show but it also didnt keep my interest.. all i remember was someone typing on the computer...
    tinkabell_85 Posted 12 years 1 month ago
    I loved this show, i grew up on it to!
    Someone please find the intro!!
    lilcp3_2007 Posted 12 years 3 months ago
    man i loved this damn show!! it got better with every episode. i grew up on this 2
    rocktheoldskool Posted 12 years 4 months ago
    Man someone please find the opening to this i grew up with this!
    sewage Posted 12 years 5 months ago
    ^ Really?? Isn\'t he the gay guy?
    I never saw this show until our fourth grade teacher made us watch it every Wednesday to try to figure out the mysteries with them on the show ... had notebooks and everything. Cool show.
    kimsy520 Posted 12 years 5 months ago
    i hated this show!!! I had to put up with my mom\'s daycare brats singing the damn theme song like it\'s so cool!
    browneyedgirl Posted 12 years 6 months ago
    I loved this show. I used to wear a pen necklace like a huge dork.
    alexandria Posted 12 years 7 months ago
    Somebody please upload the intro! I loved this show to death but oddly enough, I barely remember it now.
    pokinsmot Posted 12 years 9 months ago
    i loved this show, but hardly watched it...
    Plecostomus Posted 12 years 9 months ago
    The books based on this series (or other way around) were very popular at my school. Nobody liked the television show. Although, I must agree with Cybertooth85, the two part shows were very creative. You just had to see how it ended up.
    Cybertooth85 Posted 12 years 10 months ago
    I liked the mutli-part ones, like the comic character contest, and Ghostwriter travelling back in time.