WKBSFan Posted 8 years 3 days ago
    The greatest soap opera of all time, and the longest-running one at that! 2 months ago, I got two books about GUIDING LIGHT: a 50th Anniversary retrospective and a family album. In my opinion, GUIDING LIGHT was best during the 1980\'s, and I\'m glad to have grown up in that decade. The 1982-3 intro is awesome, especially with that theme! I hope that somebody can upload the 1983-5 intros because they had the best theme in all of GUIDING LIGHT history! Bauer Power forever!
    VVMOWEN22 Posted 9 years 1 month ago
    I used to watch Guiding Light as a kid (because back in the day I was around 5 or 6) and I loved the intro because it was neat. I never caught on with all the characters and the timeline however. When I found the 90\'s intro, I was pretty happy. Their new intro sucks, why did they have to replace it? This is a piece of childhood for me, and I love it.
    Bradat26 Posted 9 years 2 months ago
    Oh, that theme brings back memories from when I used to watch it on a regular basis. It looks like this one was done aftr Charita Bauer died. Longtime viewers miss her. She had once stated on an awards show, when other cast members were talking about what was going on when they joined the cast, she said, \"When I started, it was still on radio!!\" Ms. Bauer had worked 2 years on the show where she did the radio version, then went across the street to do the 15-minute TV version, which in those days was live.