VideoGameConcepts Posted 3 months 27 days ago
    I used to watch this as a little boy with my uncle every night at 7:30PM or 8:00 PM? I remember john tesh and mary Heart. I loved the show as its a good source of nostalgia.
    Caps 2.0 Posted 10 years 19 days ago
    I don\'t like how \"Entertainment Tonight\" now shares an hour with \"The Insider\". I don\'t like how the two programs share credits. I really enjoyed this show when I was younger...It\'s just too bad that they had to compact it. I only watch this show when I\'m gearing up the VCR for AFI\'s annual \"100 Years...\" special.
    99Centsplease Posted 11 years 3 months ago
    It\'s hard to believe how much ET has changed in the close to 30 years it\'s been on the air! The original intro seems to fashion it like a local arts and entertainment program, however now every night it\'s about these... media circus events.