AtticAttack2099 Posted 7 years 6 months ago
    Oh crap! This is one of my all time favorites! So many good movies discovered through this show! I actually happen to have the Flesh Eating Mothers episode on tape! That threw me for a loop when that was the one shown here in the video clips! I happened to find it on a tape from a yard sale. Here that kids-always look into blank recorded tapes at yard sales, you never know what you'll find. I also have a few of the late airing episodes on tape. They had the generic USA Up All Night bumpers, instead of an actual host. I have Killer Klowns, Halloween and Miracle Beach that I know of. They were the only copies of those movies I had at the time, and still the only copy of Miracle Beach that I have. Hot dog! Who's down for some tape trading?!
    Blackraven989 Posted 8 years 8 months ago
    It's funny, back then televison was worth watching, now it's just saturated with such crap. I loved the USA network when it debuted in the 80's up until the mid 90's. Sadly, the USA network will never be like it once was.
    kimoboy1 Posted 9 years 1 month ago
    rhonda shear was hot i loved her
    drs11 Posted 9 years 1 month ago
    USA Up All Night was Cool!!! The Movies were so bad they were funny even when they weren\'t trying to be!!!
    howardstern Posted 9 years 5 months ago
    I will Pay $$$ if anyone has shows with Rhonda Shear or Gilbert Gottfried with the Movies included as well.
    Howard Stern
    howardstern Posted 9 years 5 months ago
    If any one has any USA Up All Night shows including the movie. I will pay $$$$ for those shows with Rhonda Shear or Gilbert Gottfried.

    Howard Stern
    CptnPlanet Posted 9 years 11 months ago
    Yeah i definatly remember curlin up late at night watchin some insane cult films...good times!
    bkzfinest Posted 10 years 2 months ago
    This was pretty good! Especially when Rhonda Shear was the host! USA was a great channel back then!
    window in time Posted 10 years 4 months ago
    I loved USA up all night, saw so many classic cult films on their. loved it.
    cstinley Posted 10 years 5 months ago
    haha truth be known I\'ve typed everything I could possibly think of into yahoo anwers, yahoo, imdb, etc trying to find out the name of this show. I may be completely off but I want to say somebody like adam carolla hosted it, sat out in front of a campfire and camper and ate I totally off?
    jason_gacy Posted 10 years 5 months ago
    i have a bunch of usa up all night shows on dvd, that i taped back in the day. anyone have any to trade?
    volpe Posted 11 years 4 months ago
    nobody shows quirky off beat movies on tv anymore, they should bring this show back. Also, I have a playboy with Rhonda shear in it.
    J-Man Posted 11 years 6 months ago
    I would only watch this on fridays because I had a thing for Rhonda Shear
    FOZZIEBEAR Posted 11 years 8 months ago
    This was a great show. This was something I looked forward to every weekend. Its sad that local stations etc.. dont do something like this anymore.
    saunders Posted 11 years 11 months ago
    whitemorpheus Posted 12 years 17 days ago
    I miss USA up all night, too. Me and my cousin used to stay up and watch this after Duckman and weird science went off. They had some great stuff and it makes me long to be 10 agaiN!
    99Centsplease Posted 12 years 26 days ago
    I wish I lived in the good old days. Now all any cable networks besides the news ones show in the late night is infomercials.