Goofball Posted 2 years 1 month ago
    Whenever I see or hear anything about the Monkees, I always think of my younger cousin. When he was about 5 (1986), he would watch the Monkees on cable each day. It didn't take long before he had seen every episode. He would complain "Why don't they show any new ones?" We tried to explain why, but he was just too young to understand.
    Patchie97 Posted 7 years 1 month ago
    If you wanted to watch that episode, Aerica76 go to and type in \'The Monkees Fairy Tale\'. By the way, Micky is Goldielocks and Davy is Little Red Ridding Hood. Micky is also Handsle and Davy is Gretle.


    There is plenty more episodes on there.
    Aerica76 Posted 7 years 3 months ago
    My fav episode was the one where they did a spoof of nursery rhymes. Mikey was little red ridding hood. When told not to go to grandma\'s house she (he) replies \"Oh don\'t worry about me\" \"Why not\" reply: \"Cause I\'m a mean lil girl!!!\" ROTFL!!! ah memories...
    AH3RD Posted 8 years 6 months ago
    I remember first seeing The Monkees TV show in a marathon on that fateful Pleasant Valley Sunday on MTV back in late February 1986 (to coincide with the group\'s 20th anniversary) along with my sister @ our grandmother\'s. Those live-action cartoon SFX, those musical numbers, those fast-paced oneliners and that outlandish humor...boy, they sure had a profound effect on me. (I remember thinking to myself, \"I could swear I\'d seen this before\"!) They virtually (and still do!) got rich off me, as, in the 14+ years since, I squandered the lot purchasing and collecting LPs, audiocassettes, CDs, books, cards, videocassettes, magazine articles and TV Guide listings of original firstrun episodes of The Monkees on NBC (the last 2 items in the form of xeroxed photocopies). I also have been a proud subscriber to The Monkee Business Fanzine for its last 8 years.

    My favorite Monkees album is Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones, Ltd.. My favorite Monkees songs are \"Randy Scouse Git\", \"For Pete\'s Sake\", \"Star Collector,\" \"She Hangs Out\" (Part 2), \"Tear The Top Right Off Of My Head,\" \"Tear Drop City,\" and \"I Don\'t Think You Know Me\". My favorite episodes of The Monkees are \"Mijacogeo\" (a.k.a. \"The Frodis Caper\";), \"The Monkees Of The Wheel,\" \"Art, For Monkee\'s Sake,\" \"I\'ve Got A Little Song Here,\" and \"The Monkees Mind Their Manor.\"

    Years of collecting film and TV data on The Monkees led to my 1997 creation of The Monkees Film & TV Vault (, a web site which pays strict, specific attention to facts and figures of The Monkees\' 1966-68 NBC-TV series\' 58 episodes (right down to the original summer repeats!), their 1968 Columbia Picture HEAD, their 1969 NBC-TV special 33 1/3 Revolutions Per Monkee, and their 1997 ABC-TV special, Hey, Hey It\'s The Monkees, and it includes transcripts and WAV soundfiles to The Monkees\' commercial sponsor tags for Kellogg\'s, Yardley Of London and Kool-Aid. Check it out! And this year, it\'s happily celebrating 10 years on The World Wide Web!