CheifBrody Posted 6 years 6 months ago
    I thought this was just was one of the most annoying remakes i have ever seen. I mean Hollywood has some nerve remaking this classic Slasher flick. The movie was shot for shot except some changes and i mean that really pissed me off. I have to say all remakes are bad in General but this one has got to top this list. But i will give remakes like Texas Chainsaw massacre which was remade in 2003, and Friday the 13th 2009. At least those remakes mixed it up a bit but they were just okay. Overall Alfred Hitchcock would be very upset if he could see this peace of shit.
    Caps 2.0 Posted 8 years 1 month ago
    The trailer that was uploaded was the one for the original version. All I can say is that the original version stomps all over the remake. I rented the remake one evening and I thought this sucks. The original is far better, and I must say that Janet Leigh looked a lot better than Anne Heche.
    Phantasmagoria_3D Posted 8 years 1 month ago
    This was a horrible remake to the classic Alfred Hitchcock\'s \"Psycho\". The original was so much better. As the saying goes, \"If it ain\'t broke, don\'t fix it\".