retrodave Posted 6 years 8 months ago
    This is very nice and funny Christmas special.
    Barbarax Posted 8 years 11 months ago
    Garfield's the best
    24Jessica1984 Posted 9 years 1 day ago
    This my all time favorite movie for christmas and I love part when garfield gave Jon's Grandmom the letters that was so sweet.
    knuclear200x Posted 9 years 5 months ago
    Thanks for reading my article
    pbsdudes Posted 9 years 11 months ago
    I'm looking for that movie on VHS at the video store in Bridgeview, Illinois.
    Drseuss1217 Posted 10 years 2 months ago
    A wonderful Christmas special..i always felt this deserved to be up there with Charlie Brown and the Grinch as one of the best Christmas specials ever!!! very underated.