JamesAnthonyGreen Posted 10 years 3 days ago
    My favorite lines in this movie are:

    Gino: Don't be a bad guy. Be a nice guy.

    Vinnie: Are you totally nuts or what? You could've killed somebody upstairs.
    Gino: But there ain't nobody upstairs.
    Vinnie: There's nobody upstairs. How would you know? Did you bust in the joint?
    Gino: You know what, I don't recall.

    Gino: I've noticed a lot of boxing memorabilia, gloves, trophies, and pictures on the wall. Who's the boxer?
    Bartender: I am.
    Gino: You a tough guy?
    Bartender: Tough enough, yes.
    Gino: Really? What could you do?
    Bartender: To you?
    (Then the bartender swings at Gino as Gino knocks him out with one punch)

    Gino: Here's my gun. See, fair game now. And here's my badge. This is your trophy. Come and get it. Tell one of your f***** jadrools to come get it.
    Sammy: I'd offer $5000 for that badge right now. $5000.

    Gino: Anybody seen Richie?
    Bar Patrons: F*** you.
    Gino: Anybody know why Richie did Bobby Lupo?
    Bar Patrons: F*** off.

    Tattoos: You wanna get by me f***face? There are only two things stopping you: fear and common sense. And I'm going to cut your f***** head off!!!!

    Tattoos (after Gino clocks him with a towel wrapped around a cue ball): Mother f*****, you knocked my teeth out.

    Gino: Look what we have here. You got a gun.
    Patty Madano: I got a license for that
    Gino: Where is it.
    Patty Madano: My dog ate it.
    Gino: You know this a year in jail, Sullivan Act. You think you use a piece of cake?
    Patty Madano: Aren't you smart?

    Richie: You had a piece behind the bar? Why did you let him do that to your face? Why didn't you whack him?
    Vinnie: All I know is you clipped Bobby Lupo. Now you want me to go whack a cop?
    Richie: I guess we won't have to worry about anyone stepping on your dick.
    Vinnie (after being slapped around by Richie): You know how wacko he gets. And what are you doing Bobby like that?
    Richie: You're mistaken me for someone who gives a s***. Me and Gino bang heads, and they're going to have to rack him up in a closed casket.
    JamesAnthonyGreen Posted 10 years 22 days ago
    I greatly enjoy watching this action film. It's currently one of my favorite movies.