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    Christine Lahti--Read More about it (CBS 1989)
    1989 PSA from CBS and the Library of Congress's Read More about It campaign featuring Christine Lahti. Aired right after "No Place Like Home" ended.
    Burger King
    This Burger King ad promotes a 2-for-a-dollar burger deal. The woman behind the counter is a young Christine Taylor, who starred on "Hey Dude!" and ev
    KABC Ch.7 Eyewitness News - Eyes On...Anchors
    This video promo from early October 1984 was about KABC Channel 7 Eyewitness News Anchors: Jerry Dunphy, Christine Lund and Dr. George Fischbeck
    KABC Ch.7 Eyewitness News - Aliens
    This video promo from late May 1984 featured Jerry Dunphy, Christine Lund and Dr. George Fischbeck.
    Two Burger For A Buck At Burger King
    I posted this ad with Christine Taylor a long while back...The difference this time out is that there's no footage of a previous commercial at the beg