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    Kids' WB - Top 20 Pokethon Countdown
    (NOTE: You might want to turn down the volume in the beginning, but when Meowth appears, you can turn it up again) A promo for an Pokemon event on Kid
    WCBS-FM 101 - New York Top 500 Countdown Ad
    WCBS-FM was New York's Oldies Station at the time, had New York Top 500 Countdown for Thanksgiving Weekend of 1985.
    Cable Video Store PPV Countdown 1995
    Here is a 1995 Countdown bumper for defunct PPV service"Cable Video Store".
    The Disney Channel launching Countdown
    A countdown to the launch of The Disney Channel.
    Tele1st Countdown 1983
    Here is part of the countdown segment from an experimental,video recording,pay tv service called"Tele1st"."Tele1st"ran briefly in 1983,during the over
    VH1's "Rock Across America"
    This ad for their now-defunct daily countdown program was originally posted to YouTube by lugnut0.
    Great Stuff Tent Sale This Week at Detroit Pistons
    Europe's The Final Countdown
    1986 GI Joe VHS Commercial
    GI Joe commercial for these episodes: Countdown for Zartan, Cobra's Creatures, Red Rocket's Glare and Cobra Stops the world.