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    Saturday Night Live 20th Season premiere promo
    NBC promoting SNL's 20th season premiere which was a low-rated one.
    More NBC Promos
    This compilation promotes the sitcoms "You Again?" and "Valerie", the TV movie "An Early Frost" and an episode of "Saturday Night Live" that was hoste
    NBC Saturday Night promo 1987
    From 1987, here is an NBC promo for Saturday night plugging "The Golden Girls," "227," "Amen," "Mama's Boy," and "Saturday Night Live" hosted by Dabne
    "The Chevy Chase National Humor Test"
    This was one of several specials Chase did for NBC in the years following his deparature from "Saturday Night Live".
    A Coors Light Ad With Kevin Nealon
    This ad from before Nealon joined "Saturday Night Live" was originally posted to YouTube by morrisonAV.
    "Between The Lines" By Janis Ian
    This ad aired during the series premiere of "Saturday Night Live". She was one of the musical guests for the episode.
    "The New Show" On NBC
    This is a brief promo for an ill-fated sketch comedy show produced by Lorne Michaels. It featured many "Saturday Night Live" alumni (both cast members
    Christina Applegate On "Saturday Night Live"
    The Gap Girls (Adam Sandler and David Spade) do most of the speaking for the episode that Applegate hosted with musical guests Midnight Oil.