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    Kids' WB - Animaniacs React Over Tiny Toons
    The Animaniacs are furious over the Tiny Toons' Welcome, 1997
    Kids' WB - Animaniacs - Wakko Is Being Watched
    Wakko is worried that someone is watching him in this promo for Animaniacs, 1999
    Kids WB Animaniacs Will Be Back Bumper #2
    This bumper had 17-year-old actress Nikki Cox telling about "Animaniacs" returning in a moment.
    Kids WB Animaniacs We Now Return To Bumper #6
    This bumper had 2 stars of the series "Unhappily Ever After": Nikki Cox and Kevin Connolly, returning now to "Animaniacs."
    Kids' WB - Tiny Toons and Animaniacs
    A promo from Kids' WB for both Tiny Toons and Animaniacs, 1999
    Kids' WB - We're Back And So Is The Animaniacs!
    Kids' WB Bumper of Tweety saying the Animaniacs are back
    Kids' WB - Animaniacs - Y To K Project
    A promo for the Animaniacs line-up, 1999 (Note: "Y To K" actually refers to "Y2K", a bug that would have brought an end to technology in the year 2000
    7-Up: Why?
    I wonder if this Geoffrey Holder commercial inspired the "Buttons And Mindy" shorts on "Animaniacs"?