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    Ronald Reagan Endorses Jesse Helms
    Let the brickbats come out for this commercial, originally posted to YouTube by kennethsalt.
    Drug-Free America "Jesse Corti" PSA
    Actor Jesse Corti talks about the conqusences of Marijuana!!
    Lipton Sizzle & Stir - Celebs
    Chuck Woolery, Sally Jesse Raphael, Pat Morita, and Little Richard get together for dinner.
    A 1988 CBS TV Movies Promo
    This video contains mini-trailers for the CBS TV movies "Unholy Matrimony", "Jesse", "Leap Of Faith" and "Street Of Dreams".
    New York City Winners And Slice Soda
    The "Winners" segment discusses Jesse Orrosco and Roger McDowell. It's followed by a Slice Soda ad with gymnasts.
    "MTV Decade: 10 Years In The Life Of The Planet"
    This is an ad for an MTV documentary about the 80s. Going by the ad and the mentions of commentators like Jesse Jackson and Roseanne, it probably wasn