Related Commercials
    Nissan ''Toys'' (1996)
    Here is a famous commercial from the 90s promoting the 1996 Nissan 300ZX. Originally aired during the November 3,1996 showing of the Lion King on ABC
    Oliver And Company on VHS (1996)
    Here is promo for the VHS home release of Oliver & Company. Aired on November 3,1996 during ABC's broadcast premiere of The Lion King.
    Walt Disney Pictures - Flashlight
    This used to crop up on mostly live action Disney movies from 2000 to 2005 plus Dinosaur, Brother Bear, and the 2002 IMAX version of The Lion King.
    Toys R' Us ''Iam A Toys R' Us Kid 14 Years Later.'' (1996)
    Here is a commercial aired during the November 3,1996 broadcast TV premiere of the Lion King showing the kids from the famous 1980s ''Toys R Us Kid'