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    TV6 & UHF 33 Promo - I Love Lucy
    SelecTv Id from 1987
    Here is a 1987 Id from"SelecTV"(a uhf pay tv service,that ran on KWHY 22 Los Angeles, from 1978-1991).
    Movievision Feature Intro 1982
    Here is a piracy warning,and feature intro for"MovieVision",an obscure uhf pay tv service from the early 80's.
    SelecTV Bumpers 1987
    Here are various bumpers from" SelecTV"(a uhf pay tv service,featured on KWHY 22 Los Angeles,from 1978-1991).
    WQTV Starcase Subscription Service Id 1981
    This is an Id for" Starcase", a uhf pay tv service,featured on WQTV 68 in Boston from 1979-1981.
    Star Tv Subscription Television Intro 1982
    Here is a 1982 intro for uhf pay tv service"Star Tv".
    ONTV Feature Intro 1984
    Here is a 1984 feature intro for"ONTV Subscription Television"."ONTV"was a uhf pay tv service,owned by"Oak Communications".The service was featured in
    Selectv Sign Off/ KWHY Sign On 1982
    Here is a 1982 sign off from"Selectv"(a uhf pay tv service),and sign on to KWHY 22 Los Angeles.
    KWHY Sign Off/SelecTV Sign On 1979
    Here is a sign off from KWHY 22 Los Angeles,and a sign on to"Selectv"(a uhf pay tv service)from 1979.
    Spectrum Sign Off KTMA 1985
    Here is a 1985 sign off for"Spectrum"on"KTMA"."Spectrum"was a uhf pay tv service,owned by"United Cable" that ran on KTMA(St Paul)from 1982-1985.
    Spectrum Pay TV Sign On from WFBN 66 Joliet
    A 1983 transition from WFBN 66 to"Spectrum",a uhf pay service from Joliet/Chicago.The service,owned by"United Cable"was also available on KTMA 23 in M
    Spectrum and SelecTV Bumpers 1985 on KTMA
    Here are some 1985 bumpers from"Spectrum"and"SelecTV"on KTMA(ST.Paul/Minneapolis)."Spectrum"was a uhf pay tv service that ran on KTMA fom 1982 to 1985