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    HBO - Behind the Scenes - UHF
    HBO takes you behind the scenes of Weird Al Yankovic's first (and only) movie: UHF.
    Star Tv Subscription Television Intro 1982
    Here is a 1982 intro for uhf pay tv service"Star Tv".
    WCLQ Sign Off/Preview Subscription Television Sign On 1982
    A 1982 transition from WCLQ 61 in Cleveland to"Preview Subscription Television"."Preview"was a uhf pay tv service,owned by Warner Communications"that
    SelecTV Ratings Bumpers 1987
    Here are some 1987 rating bumpers from"SelecTv"(a uhf pay tv service,that ran on KWHY 22 Los Angeles from 1978-1991).
    Veu(Video Entertainment Unlimited) Ratings Bumper 1981
    This is a ratings bump from VEU,a uhf pay tv service,similar to ONTV.Video Entertainment Unlimited was owned by Golden West Broadcasting,and was avail
    ONTV Subscription Television Adults Only Bumpers 1982
    Here are some 1982"Adults Only"bumpers from"ONTV Subscription Television"."ONTV"was uhf pay tv service,available in many markets,from 1976-1985.
    SelecTv Bumper 1985
    Here is a 1985"SelecTv"bumper."SelecTv"was a uhf pay tv sevice that ran from 1976-1991,it was available on KWHY(Los Angeles),WCGV(Milwaukee),and WWSG
    ONTV MPAA Rating Bumpers 1984
    Here is a collection of"MPAA"ratings bumpers from"ONTV"1984."ONTV"was a uhf pay tv service,owned by"Oak Industries",and available in several markets f
    Super Time Subscription Television
    Here is a 1979 logo for"Super Time" a uhf pay tv service available on KTSF briefly.It was replaced by another pay tv service called"Star TV".
    KWHY Sign off/Selectv Sign on 1987
    Here is a 1987 sign off from KWHY 22 Los Angeles,and a sign on for"Selectv"(a uhf,subscription,pay tv service)from 1987.
    KWHY Sign Off/SelecTV Sign On 1979
    Here is a sign off from KWHY 22 Los Angeles,and a sign on to"Selectv"(a uhf pay tv service)from 1979.