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    HBO takes you behind the scenes of Weird Al Yankovic's first (and only) movie: UHF.
    WCLQ Sign Off/Preview Subscription Television Sign On 1982
    A 1982 transition from WCLQ 61 in Cleveland to"Preview Subscription Television"."Preview"was a uhf pay tv service,owned by Warner Communications"that
    SelecTV Ratings Bumpers 1987
    Here are some 1987 rating bumpers from"SelecTv"(a uhf pay tv service,that ran on KWHY 22 Los Angeles from 1978-1991).
    Star Tv Subscription Television Intro 1982
    Here is a 1982 intro for uhf pay tv service"Star Tv".
    Veu(Video Entertainment Unlimited) Ratings Bumper 1981
    This is a ratings bump from VEU,a uhf pay tv service,similar to ONTV.Video Entertainment Unlimited was owned by Golden West Broadcasting,and was avail
    SelecTv Bumper 1985
    Here is a 1985"SelecTv"bumper."SelecTv"was a uhf pay tv sevice that ran from 1976-1991,it was available on KWHY(Los Angeles),WCGV(Milwaukee),and WWSG
    ONTV MPAA Rating Bumpers 1984
    Here is a collection of"MPAA"ratings bumpers from"ONTV"1984."ONTV"was a uhf pay tv service,owned by"Oak Industries",and available in several markets f
    ONTV Subscription Television Adults Only Bumpers 1982
    Here are some 1982"Adults Only"bumpers from"ONTV Subscription Television"."ONTV"was uhf pay tv service,available in many markets,from 1976-1985.
    Super Time Subscription Television
    Here is a 1979 logo for"Super Time" a uhf pay tv service available on KTSF briefly.It was replaced by another pay tv service called"Star TV".
    KWHY Sign off/Selectv Sign on 1987
    Here is a 1987 sign off from KWHY 22 Los Angeles,and a sign on for"Selectv"(a uhf,subscription,pay tv service)from 1987.
    KWHY Sign Off/SelecTV Sign On 1979
    Here is a sign off from KWHY 22 Los Angeles,and a sign on to"Selectv"(a uhf pay tv service)from 1979.