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    Frosted Flakes with Daryl from Los Angeles, CA
    WJW Promo with Larry,Daryl,and Daryl 1985
    Here is a 1985 promo for WJW 8 Cleveland,featuring Larry,Daryl,and Daryl,from"Newhart".
    A French Daryl Hannah Nissan Ad
    Originally posted to YouTube by tabledechevet2007, this ad is basically the same as the Spanish one, the only differences being the language and the s
    A Spanish Daryl Hannah Nissan Ad
    This ad, originally posted to YouTube by RickSteinbock, features the actress looking rather fetching around a Nissan car to the sound of Roxy Music's
    Karl Lagerfeld's Sun, Moon, Stars
    This perfume ad, originally posted to YouTube by diegohavs, was directed by David Lynch and features Daryl Hannah. The video quality is a little bad.