Hot Shots! Quotes
      Topper Harley:
      I am putty in your hands
      In my hands, NOTHING turns to putty.
      Topper Harley:
      So, what do we do now?
      Kiss me!
        Captain Margolis: "Admiral Benson!"
        Admiral Benson: "Really? That's my name too!"
          Admiral Benson: "Oh, by the way, I wanna thank you for having us over for dinner the other night. Cheryl and I thought the stroganoff was marvelous."
          Lt. Commander Block: "But sir, we didn't have dinner the other night."
          Admiral Benson: "Really? Where the hell was I? And who's this Cheryl?"
            Admiral Benson: "I slept on a crab. Who put that crab there?"
            Captain Margolis: "Crab? I didn't see any crab."
            Admiral Benson: "Don't tell me. There were two crabs. They work in pairs. I went to Annapolis, for Chrissake."
              Reporter: "Hey, Topper Harley, now that you've killed the bad guy and made the world safe from democracy, what are you going to do to cash in on your new found fame?"
              Topper Harley: "I'm going to Disneyland."
                Admirel Benson: "Pete 'Dead Meat' Thompson is dead. So is Mo Green, Tataglia, Barzini, the heads of all the five families. It is at moments like these, my dear friends, that we must ask ourselves "How can this not be part of some larger plan?" Do good men like Dead Meat Thompson just blink out one day like a bad bulb? I mean, one minute you're in bed with a knock out gal, or guy, and the next you're compost heap. Doesn't that bother any of you? Because it scares the living piss out of me!
                  Admiral Benson: "Uh, many of you are wondering what's wrong with my pants, well they started running short on materials right before they got to the knees so don't give me any shit."
                    Wash-Out: Enemy Fighter At Twelve O' Clock! Admiral Benson: Twelve O' Clock Eh? That Gives Us About(Looks At Watch)Twenty-Five Minutes I'd Say. I Think I'll Step Out For A Burger.