Ouran High School Host Club Quotes
      Tamki: Dude? Nnnoo...
        customer: Oh, what a deal! ill take a hundred!
        haruhi: oK, thatll be Y8,000,000
        customer: Whaa?
        -customer, haruhi
          A little pay back for calling us the homosexual character! - hikaru
            Hikaru: (laughing) He really did it!
            Kaoru: (laughing) Of course they'll know! Of course they'll know!
              You don't like my bun bun?: hunny
                (points to tamki) hey look! a pervert!- haruhi
                  Haha your really are a hero! - kaoru and hikaru
                    Do you best baby - tamki
                      Kyoya: Also, to the lady that displays the best dance...To the guest who is chosen as the queen tonight...You should receive a warm kiss from your king on the cheek.
                      Tamki: Do you best, baby.
                      (girls scream with joy and some faint)
                        Damn you rich bastards- haruhi
                          picinc! picinc! lalala! picnic! picinc! lalala!- tamki, hunny and twins
                            Honey: (Crying) No, Takashi... I don't wan't snacks to be forbidden... It doesn't... hurt... It doesn't hurt!
                            (Mori takes his cake away) Stop! That's my cake!
                            Mori: It's forbidden.
                            Renge: And thus, as cruel as it is... Honey's hell has just begun
                              Tamaki: Kirimi, are you sure you're not mistaking me for someone else? I'm pretty sure I don't have any baby sisters.
                              Kirimi: You're not my oniichama even though you're blonde? (About to cry)
                              Tamaki: I... (Also about to cry) Okay. I'm your onichama starting today! Your oniichama!
                                Tamaki: Lil' kitty, where did you come from?
                                Kirimi: (Pointing at them) Reverse harem!
                                  Nekozawa: (To himself) I am a wonderful prince-like oniichan... I'm not scared of the light! Evil beam on me!! (Shines a flashlight on his face)
                                  Honey: All right...
                                  Renge: Nekozawa finally... is able to point a flashlight at himself!
                                    Hinagiku: Beni-bara, you're late.
                                    Suzuran: You problematic person... And where did you pick up such a charming lady?
                                    Beni-bara: Ah, just out there. I could tell immediately, even if she was wearing men's clothes. Behold, her lucid maiden eyes!
                                    Haruhi: Excuse me...
                                      (Two new girls enter the host club)
                                      Tamaki: (Wearing knights armor) Welcome, princesses. Ahh, even if the world would end. I want to be the knight who protects you with his life.
                                      Suzuran: Oh my, "protecting with your life"? Don't you think that's quite arrogant of you? Do you think women will be happy with that?
                                        Tamaki: This is nothing more than a "we were in the area and just came by to say hello" type of casual visit. Not at all a research about the quality of life of the Fujioka family! Words like, "pathetic", "tight" and "ragged" are all forbidden!
                                        Honey, Kaoru & Hikaru: Yes, sir!
                                          Kaoru: Ahh, so this is Haruhi's house?
                                          Hikaru: It's pretty big. I didn't expect this.
                                          Honey: There're so many rooms!
                                          Kyouya: No, actually this is what they call a commoners' condominium building. Haruhi's home is most likely just one of these units
                                            Tamaki: We were barely saved by commoner wisdom.
                                            Kaoru: That means...
                                            Tamaki: Here, none of our common sense works at all