Freaks and Geeks Quotes
      Millie Kentner: You're high!
      Lindsay Weir: How could you tell?
      Millie Kentner: I know what high people look like. I went to a Seals and Crofts concert last summer.
        "I have to get into a bar. Everything fun in life happens in bars." -Ken Miller
          I heard my mom say to her girlfriend, "Any guy with feathered hair is *foxy*." -Bill Haverchuck
            Sam Weir: Uh, dad, can I have an Atari from my birthday?
            Harold Weir: An a-what-i?
            Jean Weir: That's one of those expensive video games, isn't it?
            Sam Weir: No, no! It's not expensive!
            Harold Weir: Oh, well, the welfare lines are full of those video game players.
              Bill Haverchuck: It's a Parisian night suit, in case you didn't know.
              Gordon Crisp: A Parisian! Ooh la la!
              Neal Schweiber: It's not a parisian. It's a jumpsuit. My grandfather in Florida wears them all the time because he's too lazy to put on pants!