WWE Monday Night RAW Quotes
      It's that because you're better me, Are you better than Me!!!, Get over here and kiss his ass!! - The Undertaker makes Jim Ross kiss mr. mcmahon's ass - From WWF Raw in November 26th, 2001
        Who you think was the Mastermind behind The Undertaker abducting your little girl, Stephanie!, It was Me!!!!
        - Shane McMahon talking to the McMahon Family, and reveals as the Mastermind behind the abduction of Stephanie - From WWF Raw is War in May 3rd, 1999
          Get the steppin' This is my show, I'm running things, here!!!!
          - Shane McMahon talking to his father Vince, From WWF Smackdown! in April 29th, 1999
            I Want a Divorce!!!
            - Vince McMahon talking to Linda McMahon on Smackdown! in December, 2000
              Tonight, there will be a Sacrafice!!!
              - The Undertaker
                Life Sucks and then you die!!!!
                - Vince McMahon
                  I knew he was gonna do that! I just, knew he was gonna do that. He dont need, Janetty!!
                  -Bobby "the Brain" Heenan referring to HBK after he threw Marty through the 'Barber Shop' window.
                    "You see, everyone in that locker-room's, gotta pager. And everyone that looks at that pager, sees the three-one-six, so their ass belongs to me"
                    -Stone Cold at the very beginning of the first Raw of 1998 dated 1/5/98
                      "All that I can say about Owen Hart, is that I hope that I can be, as good a man as him, so that I can see him again, someday." "One last toast, to our friend, Owen Hart. We'll never forget you, buddy..."
                      -Good ol' J.R. on Owen Hart, and at the end of "Raw is Owen" when Stone Cold toasts Owen with a beer
                        Now the Rock, just cameee from the baaathroooom,......and....YOU SHOULDA SMELT WHAT THE ROCK WAS COOKIN!!!!!
                        -"The 'Crock' (HHH)" during the DX mockery of the Nation
                          Heyyyy Heyyyy Heyyyy Rock......I dont know what you're cookin.....smells like sh*t..... but I think I'll eat some anywayyyy !!!heyheyheyheyyyy!!!
                          -"Miazark Henry (X-Pac)" during the Dx mockery of the Nation of Domination
                            "YOU'RE TOO DAMN SELFISH!!!"
                            -Owen Hart shooting a heel promo on his brother, Bret
                              "It was me, dad........It was me, that hired Stone Cold back, it was ME!"
                              -Shane McMahon shooting on Vince about hiring SCSA back after his Judgement Day '98 firing.
                                "YOU CAN FEEL IT DUDE!!!!"
                                -Ultimate Warrior
                                  "OK sarge..........we'll start showin' you some respect........SUCK IT!!! Hahahahaahhaha"
                                  -HBK shooting on Sgt. Slaughter some time in 1997
                                    "You better give your soul to the lord, because the rest of your scrawny ass, will belong to me!"
                                    -The Undertaker shooting on HBK prior to Royal Rumble 1998
                                      "I DID IT!!!! WOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!"
                                      -Owen Hart after "winning" his 2nd slammy award in 1997
                                        "The Heart, Break, Kid, does not, rest, in peace, HE CAN STAY UP - ALL - NIIIGHT !!!HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!"
                                        -HBK shooting on The Undertaker prior to Royal Rumble 1998
                                          "Too hot to handle, too cold to hold!"
                                          -'Macho Man' Randy Savage
                                            "I also appreciate the fact....that hell......YOU CAN KISS MY ASS!!!"
                                            -Stone Cold's last words before delivering Vince McMahon's first 'Stunner' in September 1997