Sesame Street Quotes
      The Monster Cookie:
      "Keep your hands off, pal!"
      Cookie Monster:
      "YIKES! Cookie talked!"
      The Monster Cookie:
      "Me no, Cookie. Me, Monster.
      Cookie Monster:
      "Me too, Me Cookie Monster."
      The Monster Cookie:
      "Me, Monster Cookie.
        "Hello, Sir!"
        Mr. Johnson:
        "Oh, Wait! I know you! You're that waiter from over at Charlie's!"
          Marisa Tomei: (As a Banana King employee in the story) "And here's your order, sir. One Double Banana Whopper".
            Marisa Tomei: (Reading a story to Joey and Davey) "Once upon a time, in a far-off land called Bensonhurst, there was a fast food restaurant called Banana King."
              The Monkey King: "I was once a person, a human, a king!"

              Banana King Employee (Marisa): "A king?"
                The Monkey King: "I'd just like a kiss, please".

                Banana King Employee (Marisa): "A kiss? Buddy, only what's on the menu, okay?"
                  The Monkey King: "I am very, very sad. Oh, woe is me."

                  Banana King Employee (Marisa): "Let me get you a Double Banana Burger. You'll feel so much better, okay?"
                    Marisa Tomei: (Reading to Joey and Davey) "Well, his name isn't Vinny. He's the Monkey King, but he's very sad".

                    Joey and Davey: "Aw, poor Monkey King".
                      Davey: (While Marisa Tomei reads) "Hey, Joey, That looks like our cousin. What's his name?"

                      Joey: "Vinny".

                      Davey: "Yeah, yeah. It looks just like our cousin Vinny!"
                        The Monkey King: "Yeah, but then one day, this witch, she turned me into a Monkey King and the only way I can be turned back into a human king is if a beautiful maiden with big hair could kiss me".
                          Monkey King Employee (Marisa): "Well, I guess I could take a break to help a poor old monkey".
                            Monkey King Employee (Marisa): "Come here, monkey boy."

                            (She and the Monkey King kiss, and he become a man in a suit)

                            Monkey King: "Hey, it worked!"
                              Marisa Tomei: (Ending her story) "And so they got married, changed the name of the restaurant to Banana Queen and King, and they lived happily ever after!"

                              Joey and Davey: "The end!"

                              Marisa: "Not quite!"
                                Monkey King Employee (Marisa): "Let me tell you something. We gotta do something about these uniforms. They're tacky. We need something in mauve...taffeta..."
                                  The Monkey King: (In human form) "When we get married, half of this will be yours."

                                  Banana King Employee (Marisa): "Hey, I always wanted to be a Queen...And an entrepeneuer."
                                    The Monkey King: (In human form, answering the employee's question) "Yes, I do, and I wanna marry you, and make you my wife!"
                                      The Monkey King: (In human form) "Yes, I am. I am the Banana King."

                                      Banana King Employee (Marisa): (Mockingly) "The Banana King. Hey, does that mean you own this joint?"
                                        Monkey King Employee (Marisa): (To the now-human Monkey King) "Hey! You don't have a crown on! Did you lie to me? You're no king!"
                                          Marisa: (The true end to her story) "They sent their friends Joey and Davey two Double Banana Whoppers with Cheese. THE END!"
                                            Banana King Employee (Marisa): "Eh, sorry, buddy, but I'm on duty."

                                            The Monkey King: "Oh, but you don't understand, big-haired lady. You're my only hope! Please kiss me, please, please, please, please!"