Freakazoid! Quotes
      Random people and Announcer:
      -Crowd- Hugbees! -Announcer- HUUGBEEES! -A Moose- Huugbees! -A lady- ..Moose!
      -Random people and Announcer
        This episode is also dedicated to Mrs. Ashley Huggbees of Fullers Earth Arizona, because we like saying the word," Hugbees". Go ahead. Try it. Hugbees.
          This episode is also dedicated to the men and women of Columbia University, whose tireless efforts to create a race of super beings continues undaunted.
            We interrupt this program to bring you an important announcement: I am actually a deep voiced woman. . . We now return you to you regularly scheduled program.
              Guitierrez and Freakazoid:
              [Guitierrez tries to find Freakazoid's weakness, he pulls a green rock out of his cloak] Behold, the purest Kryptonite. Are you feeling weak, my friend, oh so weak?
              Freakazoid: That's Superman's weakness, not mine!
              Guitierrez: Really?
              Freakazoid: Ye
              -Guitierrez and Freakazoid
                Lawn Gnomes:
                A Lawn Gnome: We are wise and cunning.
                Another Lawn Gnome: We stole man's fire and then tried to hide it in our pockets.
                A Lawn Gnome: That was painful and dumb. So we became even more cunning.
                -Lawn Gnomes
                  Dexter Duncan and Debbie:
                  Dexter Douglas: You know, Duncan, you're the only one who ever *sees* this blue guy.
                  Duncan Douglas: He's *real*!
                  Debbie Douglas: Well, of course he's real to *you* dear, but that's because you're probably insane.
                  -Dexter Duncan and Debbie
                    Guitierrez Psychologist and Chubbikins:
                    Guitierrez: [cut to Mr. Chubbikins tied up with them] Bring in the animal psychologist!
                    [he enters]
                    Guitierrez: Ask him how he activated the flaw!
                    Animal Psychologist: Meow, meow, meow?
                    Mr. Chubbikins: Mrrow... mrrow...
                    Animal Psychologist: Meow, meo
                    -Guitierrez Psychologist and Chubbikins
                      Debbie and Dexter:
                      Debbie Douglas: You spend far too much time on that computer. It's not healthy.
                      Dexter Douglas: It's my life.
                      Debbie Douglas: That's so very, very sad.
                      -Debbie and Dexter
                        Hans and Freakazoid:
                        Hans: Now, come. We mustn't linger. It is not safe here at night.
                        Freakazoid: It's day.
                        Hans: Well, then, I suppose we can linger for a moment.
                        -Hans and Freakazoid
                          Cosgrove and Jones:
                          Cosgrove: How come you don't say anything useful?
                          Professor Jones: How come you have the IQ of a biscuit?
                          Cosgrove: [raising his fist] How about I bend your body into funny balloon animal shapes?
                          Professor Jones: Perhaps I misspoke.
                          -Cosgrove and Jones
                            Cosgrove and Freakazoid:
                            Cosgrove how come you never got married?" "Because I like meat too much." "You can be married and still eat alot of meat." "..I didn't know that.
                            -Cosgrove and Freakazoid
                              Freakazoid and Stephanie:
                              S- When will I see you again? F- Well If I know my cartoons, and I do. I'll be back later on to rescue you from something Really Horrible! Bye bye! *tries to fly into the air* HUNF! HWAH! UP! UP! UUP! Up! GO UP! FLY! S- Freakazoid, you don't fly! F- Oh!
                              -Freakazoid and Stephanie
                                Freakazoid (singing):
                                Low Bridge! Everybody down! Low Bridge, Cave Guy's underwear is brown! Brown brown! He's got the cooties, oo-ooties!
                                -Freakazoid (singing)
                                  Freakazoid and the:
                                  I want someone to call me a lawyer! Ok, you're a lawyer. Thank you!
                                  -Freakazoid and the
                                    Freakazoid to Freakadog:
                                    Look at you squeezy face! You have sweet meats inside you don't you? I'm gonna squeeze you and they're gonna come out!
                                    -Freakazoid to Freakadog
                                      Jack Valenti:
                                      We've put together a little motion picture about Freakazoid's origin. It's filled with action and adventure and even features a scene with a man wrestling a bear for no reason.
                                      -Jack Valenti
                                        Lord Bravery and Mr Snarzetti:
                                        Lord Bravery: What kind of superhero would call himself Lord Smoked Meats and Fishes?
                                        Mr. Snarzetti: Ah. One who wants to use the element of surprise.
                                        Lord Bravery: Oh, you're a loon, aren't you?! Where have you escaped from I'll take you back!
                                        -Lord Bravery and Mr Snarzetti
                                          Now, now, ladies, there's plenty of me for everybody - if not, I'll just have 'em draw me bigger.
                                            We interrupt this program to increase dramatic tension.