King of the Hill Quotes
      Bobby: Pen-and-pencil set? That is very manly! Can I get a bar-mitzvah? I'm willing to celebrate Hanukkah.
      Garry: Trust me, it's more work than you're gonna want to put in. I'll tell you what, tomorrow you spend the day with me, and I'll show you how a man enjoys Arizona. By the time you leave here, you'll have hair on your kishkes!
        Peggy: That's right, Bobby, I believe you will find that I have no testicles. Where's your secret weapon now?
        Kahn: She bluffing! Finish her!
          Kahn: I heard what you did to Chane Wasonasong. Unforgivable! But then I heard what you did to your father. Very funny. So I'm conflicted.
            Hank: The only woman I'm pimping from now on is Sweet Lady Propane. And I'm tricking her out all over this town.
              Bobby: Wow, Dad, how did you know this was going to happen?
              Hank: Well, I just know something about human nature, son. If you put teenagers and husky boys and doughnuts all in the same place, you're just asking for trouble.
                Tammi: My mama and I haven't talked since I dropped out of school. Or maybe it was since I totalled her 'Vette.
                Peggy: Your mother drove a Corvette?
                Tammi: Chevette.

                  Peggy: The Thai food was Tammi's idea. The notion of taking it out was mine.
                  Luanne: You know, someday I would like to travel through Thairabia and see those pyramids.
                    Tammi: Hank, don't! Alabaster's a little guy, but he'll mess you up.
                    Hank: No offense, but he's from Oklahoma.
                      Tammi: I think I would remember you.
                      Cotton: Don't be too sure, sweet-cheeks -- I've been known to give a girl amneesee.
                        Hank: I am the mack daddy of Heimlich County. I play it straight up, yo. You get the hell out of my hood. She's my ho now!
                        Alabaster: All right, man, you can have her. I got a whole stable full of hos workin' for me in the OK-C.
                          Alabaster: Yo, how much you want for that Jasper brunette?
                          Hank: That is my wife!
                          Alabaster: Man, that's the biggest mistake a pimp could make, marryin' one of his hos.
                            Hank: Bobby, I know you're probably pretty upset with me right now, but one day you'll understand how much love it takes to crush a little boy's dream.
                              Peggy: Jeff Gordon is handsome, and he's a great champion.
                              Luanne: He's the world's fastest Christian.
                                Bobby: You know, it's weird, Dad, but I don't even totally understand what propane is.
                                Hank: Well, no one will ever totally understand Sweet Lady Propane.
                                  Kahn: One good thing about other hillbillies, at least they all pass out by nine o'clock. This guy needs to shut up or get stronger moonshine.
                                    Hank: Thatherton!
                                      Dale: Sha-Sha-Shaw!
                                        Bobby: Lou-ANNE! What's up girlfriend?
                                          Young Hank: I want my binky back.
                                            Bobby: Remember dad, loud is not allowed.