Animaniacs Quotes
      Rita-ahh what difference does it make Soon we'll be sleeping the big sleep.
      Runt- *yawn* I could use a nap.
      Rita- They're gonna gas us ya bafoon we'll be dead!
      Runt- I don't think I'm that tired.
      Rita- You're not a very smart cat are you, Runt?
        Dot-"i've got the most dreamy news!: Roger's asked patty to go study! YAHAOH-HO!"
          Rita- Oh am I in this cartoon too?
            "I'll take my chances,
            and I'll go it alone,
            leave Runt behind me,
            and be on my own

            Head to the tropics,
            where summers in season,
            the sooner the better coz,
            man my butt is freezin!" - Rita
              *Rita's Cage slams down on judges head and judge sinks into wateer*
              Rita- That gave me a really warm feeling!
                Hellooooo Florida!
                  *polar bear shows up, growls at Rita*
                  Rita- Runt? Runt?! *tapping Runt*....Sleepin beauty!
                  Polar bear- ROOAR!
                  Rita- AAAAHHHHH- Hey! Your shoes are untied!
                    Dot- TURN OUT THAT LIIGHT!!...It attracts insects :D
                      Qeen- We are not amused!
                      Yakko- Well we cetainly are!
                      *The warners roll on the floor in hysterics*
                        Dot- I get this from guys all the time
                        *Dracula moves closer to Dot's neck*
                        Dot- SNAP OUT OF IT !
                          *Warners quietly approach man who is peeking around corner of a wall, giggle to themselves, Wakko pulls man's trousers down and the Warners roll on the floor in hysterics* (not a quote but funny all the same xD)
                            Yakko- I see, *to Dot* did you get all of that?
                            Dot- Her diamond was stolen, then there was a scream like this, AAHHHH!
                            Worker- No, it was more like this - DAAAHHHHH!
                            Yakko- I see, like this?-DAAAHHH!
                            Worker- Yes
                              Slappy- allright hang on, I got a couple of lines here *pulls out notebook* Ahem! "Tonight you will be visited by three ghosts"
                              Plotz- But Why?!
                              Slappy- *looks behind notebook* I don't know i lost the other page
                                Yakko- How 'bout if we just wiggle here?
                                Warners- *Wiggle their bodys* Wiggle! Wiggle! Wiggle! Wiggle! Wiggle!
                                  Yakko- these people will clap at anything!
                                  Wakko- *jumps on table* Hey Everybody! wanna hear me play Yankee-doodle with my armpit?
                                  Yakko- Aaahh almost anything
                                    Yakko- take over for us!
                                    Fanboys- No Waay!
                                    Warners- Waaaay!
                                      *Alien hits Yakko's Knee, it flings up, Dot's knee her knee flings up*
                                      Dot- hehe
                                      *Alien hits Wakko's knee, he pulls out a huge mallet and smashes the Alien*
                                      Wakko- sorry, Yoda...It's my reflexes
                                        Yakko- Ahh, I've got it!.. the mink is working for FOX...The pair-o-legs is working for Paramount...And the guy who needs rehersal is working for Universal!
                                        Dot- thankyou doctor zeus!
                                          Lama- What! I'm missing Bay-watch!
                                          Wakko- But we have a very very very very very very very very
                                          *Yakko hits Wakko
                                          Wakko- Important question to ask you.
                                            Dot- And i be princess pretty dear, who moves like a spring time fresh gazzele, sweet as honey and is sweet..but you can call me Dot.. Or are you the kind of guy who never calls a girl? You Cad! I'm leaving you! I'm going home to mother! Nummm*pulling tounges* And I'm keeping the ring!