Animaniacs Quotes
      Hello Nurse!!!
        Hey did it! Yakko Warner has just sung all of the words in the english language.

        Hey contratulations Yakko!

        Thanks Dick.

        Tune in next time when Yakko Warner will sing all of the numbers above 0. Goodnight.

        Dot, Yakko, and Dick Button
          Narrator: Nighty night toons, nighty night lot, nighty night Yakko, Wakko, and Dot. Nighty night people everywhere...

          Yakko: And nighty night Wakko's underwear.
            Frera Warner, frera Waner, what's that mean? Keep it clean. Yakko is a yaker, Wakko is a snacker, Dot's plain cute.... So is this boot.
              Hello Nurse:Why don't you cute little kids come with me
                " are obsessed with GIRLS!"
                "Hey, you're the one showing me all the sexy pictures!"

                -Dr Scratchansniff and Yakko
                  "No no no no, he's gone, my boss has vanished!"
                  "Would you do that "no no no" thing again?"
                  "No no no no no."
                  "I ~LOVE~ that!"

                  Hello Nurse and Yakko
                    Flaxeed: Stop, stop STOP TOUCHING EVERYTHING! If you want to see something, ASK!
                    Dot: All right, we'd like to see the jelly beans!
                    *Flaxseed puts down a jar on the counter and waits smug*
                    Wakko: Not those, those! *points to a jar all the way to the top of the shelf, Flaxseed stares at the Warners who all suddenly look at him with big grins on their faces*
                      Dr. Scratchensniff: Any word that comes to mind.
                      Yakko: Brain.
                      Dr. Scratchensniff: But we haven't started.
                      Yakko: Begun.
                      Dr. Scratchensniff: No, wait.
                      Yakko: Yield.
                      Dr. Scratchensniff: Stop!
                      Yakko: Cease.
                      Dr. Scratchensniff: SILENCE!
                      Yakko: Quiet.
                      Dr. Scratchensniff: ENOUGH!
                      Yakko: Plenty.
                      Dr. Scratchensniff: Would you please listen?
                      Yakko: Hear.
                      Dr. Scratchensniff: NO, YOU STUPID KID! YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND!
                      Yakko: Comprehend.
                      Dr. Scratchensniff: Get out! Get out! Get OUT!
                      Yakko: Leave, leave, leave.
                      Dr. Scratchensniff: These Varner Brothers are driving me crazy!
                      Yakko: Insane. Unhinged. Demented
                        "We'd love to stay here and count our brain cells as they die one-by-one"
                          *Rita Pops up from the ground again*
                          Rita: ughhh uuhh
                          Kiki: OOOO!, OOOO! *Points at Rita*
                          Rita: she couldn't possibly bop me again!
                          *Kiki smashes her into the ground*
                          *Rita gets up and folds her arms*
                          Rita: OO, OO, I'm OO OOing!
                            *Rita pops up from the ground again*
                            Kiki: OOO, OOO! *points at Rita*
                            Rita: Look, I speak cat, not gorilla, Okay?
                            *Kiki Smashes Rita into the ground again*
                              Kiki: OO, OO *Points at Rita*
                              Rita: Oh, I get it, "Monkey see, Monkey Do" No!
                              *Kiki smacks Rita into the ground*
                                *Kiki kisses Rita and Rita is drenched in her spit*
                                Rita: Ape Slobber, Yum!
                                  *Rita escapes from Kiki, and Kiki chases her outside*
                                  *Rita hides behind trash can*
                                  Stray Cat: I told you this is my trash! beat it or I'll claw your nose!
                                  *Kiki grabs stray*
                                  Stray: AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!
                                  *Kiki takes stray back to preserve and Rita waves after them*
                                  Rita: Enjooooy!
                                    (Kiki chews leaves, spits them out and offers it to Rita)
                                    Rita: YUCK *smacks hand away* No thanks.... call me weird, but Monkey Saliva takes all the fun out of eating
                                      Rita: Something tells me I'm gonna hate this episode
                                        (Kiki takes bunch of leaves and chews them, spits them out and offers them to Rita)
                                        Rita: YUCK! *smacks Kiki's hand away* no thanks.... call me weird but monkey saliva takes all the fun out of eating
                                        Kiki: AH AH AH!!
                                        *Rita shakes head*
                                        *Kiki Roars & Rita immediately opens her mouth and Kiki rubs the chewed leaves all over her tounge, Rita falls out of the tree n disgust and Kiki catches her and takes her to the groud*
                                        Rita: I think I'll pass on dessert!
                                          (Kiki chews leaves, spits them out and offers it to Rita)
                                          Rita: YUCK *smacks hand away* No thanks.... call me weird, but Monkey Saliva takes all the fun out of eating
                                            Pinky- So what shall we do tonight Rita?
                                            Rita- I don't know, Eat you for supper?
                                            *eats pinky*
                                            Pinky- Oh, lovely accomodation Rita
                                            Rita- So far this is my favourite episode!

                                            ~Warners singing~ She ate the rat 'cause Rita is a cat cat cat cat cat!