Mighty Max Quotes
      Have you riven a fjord lately!
        Max and Mom:
        Max: Mom! You gotta take that ring off!
        Max's Mom: I don't think it's going to fit you, Max. It's tight on me.
        -Max and Mom
          Max Virgil and Norman:
          Max: Virgil, the prophecy has got to have something to say about this mess?
          Virgil: With Skull Master's demise, the prophecy no longer applies! Nothing but chaos remains.
          Norman: Works for me!
          -Max Virgil and Norman
            [opening lines of the series, as we see Skullmaster's digging machines at work] Dig. Swallow. Chew. Eat me a hole so I may bring... pain! A tunnel to unleash my torment... upon them. Up... on the surface... in the sun... Dig a path for me to be *freeeeee
              Max and Virgil:
              Max: What's going on here?
              Virgil: Oh merely the end of the world!
              Max: Oh good. I was afraid it was something serious.
              -Max and Virgil
                A Cyberskull action figure? That's a "Must Have" item on my Christmas list!
                  I'm gonna make a pancake out of that pipsqueak!
                    Max and Zygote:
                    [Zygote faces his T-Rex against Max's devolved pet iguana, Thor]
                    Prof. Zygote: My dinosaur can beat your dinosaur!
                    Max: Oh, now we're REALLY mature.
                    -Max and Zygote
                      Max and Norman:
                      [Max and Norman enter a room with several solid stone slabs as furniture]
                      Max: Yeesh, what is this place?
                      Norman: My room, Mighty One
                      Max: Ah. Remind me never to have a pillow fight with you, Norman.
                      -Max and Norman
                        Virgil and Max:
                        Virgil: Max, my boy. You are earth's only hope!
                        Max: You know, I knew you were going to say that. Come on man. What about the air force, or the U.N.? Arnold Schwarzenegger? I mean we don't want to hog all the glory for ourselves.

                        -Virgil and Max
                          Spike and Norman:
                          Spike: [while being dangled over a cliff by Norman] You can't kill me! If you do, you'll be no better than me!
                          Norman: [drops him] I can live with that.
                          -Spike and Norman
                            Max and Virgil:
                            Max: My mentor is an over-sized chicken?
                            Virgil: I'm a fowl, actually.
                            -Max and Virgil
                              Max and Guy in chicken suit:
                              Max: Oh well. What would you expect from a fowl?
                              Man in Chicken Suit: Hey! I'm a chicken, actually!
                              -Max and Guy in chicken suit
                                Max and random men:
                                Max: What are we facing this time? A beast? A monster? A demon?
                                Man #1: It's a beast!
                                Man #2: It's a monster!
                                Man #3: It's a demon!
                                Max: Ha! Ace Ventura always gets it!
                                -Max and random men
                                  Whoa, a CD! No title? Just my luck, it might be the Village People.
                                    Max and Virgil:
                                    Max: Good means of summoning, Virgil. Why didn't you spell it out in pepperoni?
                                    Virgil: I wanted to make sure you read it before you ate it.
                                    -Max and Virgil
                                      Max and Bea:
                                      Max: You can't fly the plane.
                                      Bea: Why? Because I'm a girl?
                                      Max: Because you don't know how.
                                      Bea: Yes I do. My mother taught me.
                                      -Max and Bea
                                        Come on, Virg. The only dinosaur living in Hawaii is big and purple and sings on TV.
                                          Man, Sarah, and Max:
                                          Man: Him!
                                          Sarah: Him!
                                          Max: Who him?
                                          -Man, Sarah, and Max
                                            Max and Norman:
                                            Max: Why are we still running?
                                            Norman: Good exercise.
                                            -Max and Norman