Donkey Kong Country Quotes
      Diddy: "I'll go get Cranky. Oh, you've got problems!"
      DK: (referring to Diddy) "I think he's the one whose got problems."
        Diddy (to Donkey): I'll go get Cranky. Oh you've got problems!
        Donkey Kong (referring to Diddy): I think he's the one who's got problems.
          Inka Dinka Doo:
          Inka Dinka Doo says... the time has come!
          -Inka Dinka Doo
            Inka Dinka Doo:
            Inka Dinka Doo says... the time has come!
            -Inka Dinka Doo
              Candy Kong Donkey Kong:
              Look what you've done! You've taken away the only ape I ever loved! Are you happy now?' 'Pretty happy, yeah.' 'Well, you won't be for long, buddy!

              -Candy Kong Donkey Kong
                Donkey Kong:
                Ya' know why, K. Rool? 'Cause I'm the Banana Slamma'!
                -Donkey Kong
                  Dixie Kong:
                  Dixie Kong: Soon you'll hear the sound of your brain go pop!
                  -Dixie Kong
                    Klum & Cranky Kong:
                    Klump: Your playing mind games with me.
                    Cranky Kong: You'll need a mind in order for me to do that!
                    -Klum & Cranky Kong
                      Donkey Kong:
                      Donkey Kong Is The Strongest Kong In Kongo Bongo Island
                      -Donkey Kong
                        Donkey Kong:
                        BANNANA SLAMMA!
                        -Donkey Kong
                          Diddy Kong & Funky Kong:
                          Diddy: I DO HAVE A FUTURE!! *throws his cap to tha floor and starts to jump over it* I DO! I DO! I DO!!

                          Funky: Take a chill pill, Diddy. I have no future either. Do I look bummed? Not.
                          -Diddy Kong & Funky Kong
                            Diddy Kong:
                            Second Banana it's what I am! I never thought this job will be full of so much misery! Second Banana Is what I know! I never get the chance to be the Hero!!
                            -Diddy Kong
                              Donkey Kong & Diddy Kong:
                              You can take the ape out of the jungle, but you can't take the jungle out of the ape!
                              -Donkey Kong & Diddy Kong