Blue Thunder Quotes
      Jack Braddock: You think I don't know about that silly twit up in Encino, for Chrissakes? I had twenty years in this outfit, when your idea of a good time was sittin' in front of the TV tube, watchin' Bugs Bunny and gnawing on your fudgcicle.

      Jack Braddock: [after Lymangood interrupts him chewing out Murphy] You're supposed to be stupid, son. Don't abuse the privilege.

      Jack Braddock: But there's a bright side to this, and a moral. I think morals are good for you, I love morals, and the moral of this story is: If you're walkin' on eggs, don't hop.

      Sgt. Short: This ship is equipped with a forward-mounted, twenty-millimeter electric cannon. Its six barrels are capable of firing four thousand rounds of ammunition per minute. And that, gentlemen, is one hell of a sh**-storm in anybody's language!

      Frank Murphy: That's Cochrane, F.E., US Army.
      Lymangood: Cochrane, F.E. What's the "F.E." stand for?
      Frank Murphy: "Fu** Everybody."

      [Murphy and Lymangood are flying a formation exercise with Cochrane]
      Col. F.E. Cochrane: Come on, Keep it tight!
      Lymangood: Christ! Any closer and we start eating blades!
      Frank Murphy: [mimicking Cochrane's British accent] We're following his leader!

      Lymangood: You mind if I ask you what you're doing.
      Frank Murphy: No... I don't mind at all.

      Frank Murphy: Grab your ankles and kiss your ass goodbye Jafo. We're going down.

      Col. F.E. Cochrane: You threatening me, Murphy?
      Frank Murphy: No, I'm telling you. Back off!

      [Murphy is looking over Blue Thunder's cockpit after the demonstration]
      Col. F.E. Cochrane: Could have used this in 'Nam.
      Frank Murphy: Could have used something.

      [Murphy walks out to the pad]
      Jack Braddock: Well Murph, feeling any pressure?
      Frank Murphy: Yeah. About 15 pounds per square inch at sea level.

      [Murphy and Lymangood are on patrol]
      Lymangood: All those people. What do you suppose they're all doing down there?
      Frank Murphy: Well, according to the latest statistics, about 1 million, 775 thousand of them are... getting it on!
      Lymangood: That many, eh!
      Frank Murphy: The rest are waiting for 'Laverne and Shirley'!

      Lymangood: Sir, what was that business with the watch? Back in the ready room, with the watch?
      Frank Murphy: It's sort of a test.

      [Braddock and Murphy have watched Blue Thunder perform a selective firepower demonstration]
      Icelan: Well, look at that, all the red dummies are blown to hell.
      Frank Murphy: And a few white ones!
      Fletcher: One civilian dead for every ten terrorists. That's an acceptable ratio.
      Frank Murphy: [Leaning closer to Braddock] Unless you're one of the civilians!

      Col. F.E. Cochrane: I had another stoppage! I nearly killed the lot of you on that second pass. You can tell Ordnance from me, if it happens again, I'll have their balls for breakfast!

      [after the demonstration, Murphy and Braddock walk over to meet Blue Thunder's pilot]
      Frank Murphy: [recognizes Cochrane as the pilot] Well, what do you know!
      Jack Braddock: Friend of yours?
      Frank Murphy: [smiling ruefully] An old war buddy. Bastard tried to have me court-martialed once.

      Frank Murphy: Finally made Colonel, eh?
      Col. F.E. Cochrane: If you're a nice guy, nice things happen to you.
      Frank Murphy: I'll try to remember that!

      [Murphy moves away from Cochrane]
      Icelan: I didn't realize you two were acquainted.
      Col. F.E. Cochrane: Only too well, I'm afraid. I'd have had that bastard up on charges if he hadn't caught some shrapnel!

      [Icelan and Braddock are discussing Murphy]
      Icelan: He checks his sanity with a wrist watch!
      Jack Braddock: What do you check yours with, a dipstick?

      [repeated line]
      Col. F.E. Cochrane: [pointing with forefinger and thumb like a gun] Catch you later!

      Lymangood: This sucker will do everything but cook your breakfast!

      Frank Murphy: Uh-oh... uh-oh. You'd better hold your nose. We're in deep sh**.

      Jack Braddock: Who are you fooling with that phony radio bullsh**? Jesus Chr***, Frank, that went out three days after Marconi invented the fu**ing thing!

      [repeated line]
      Frank Murphy: Outstanding!

      Kress: If it was me, I'd ground him.
      Jack Braddock: He'll be all right.
      Kress: Personally, I wouldn't fly with him for a bull that pissed Jack Daniels.
      Jack Braddock: Is that right?

      Lymangood: [voice on the cockpit voice recorder] I found out what JAFO is. "Just Another Fu**ing Observer", huh?

      Jack Braddock: I've been trying to get you all night. Why don't you answer your fu**ing beeper?
      Frank Murphy: I just wanna tell you, Jack, that the next time I'm suspended, so is my fu**ing beeper!

      Frank Murphy: Catch ya later!

      Frank Murphy: [reading off a monitor] File under repair?
      Lymangood: Did you break your file?

      Frank Murphy: All right, Murphy, it's time to put your money where your mouth is.

      Lymangood: Big Brother: on or off?
      Frank Murphy: What's Big Brother?
      Lymangood: The cabin mike. It records everything we say.
      Frank Murphy: I think we can lose that.