House on Haunted Hill (1959) Quotes
      Frederick Loren: "It's almost time to lock up the house and then your party will really begin. I wonder how it will end..."
        Frederick Loren: "Would you adore me as much if I were poor? No, all you want to be is a lovely widow."
          Annabelle Loren: "My husband is sometimes insane with jealousy; nothing matters to him!"

          Lance Schroeder: "Would he hurt you?"

          Annabelle Loren: "He would kill me if he could."
            Annabelle Loren: "You know, of course, that I'm his fourth wife. The first simply disappeared; the other two died."
              Watson Pritchard: "There's been a murder almost everyplace in this house!"
                Watson Pritchard: "See that stain? Blood. A young girl was killed here... and whatever got her wasn't human."
                  Watson Pritchard: "These guns are no good against the dead. Only the living."
                    Watson Pritchard: "They're coming for me now.. and then they'll come for you."
                      Frederick Loren: "It's a pity you didn't know when you started your game of murder that I was playing too."
                        Frederick Loren (as skeleton): "Come with me murderess. Come with me."
                          Frederick Loren: "At last you've got it all, everything I had... even my life. But you're not going to live to enjoy it! Come with me, murderess, come with me!"
                            Frederick Loren: "I am Frederick Loren, and I have rented the house on haunted hill tonight so that my wife can give a party. She's so amusing. There'll be food and drink and ghosts, and perhaps even a few murders. You're all invited. If any of you will spend the next twelve hours in this house, I will give you each ten thousand dollars, or your next of kin in case you don't survive. Ah, but here come our other guests."
                              Frederick Loren: "Once, the door is locked, there is no way out. The windows have bars the jail would be proud of and the only door to the outside locks like a vault."
                                Lance Schroeder: "If I were gonna haunt somebody, this would certainly be the house I'd do it in."
                                  Frederick Loren: "Don't let the ghosts and the ghouls disturb you, love."

                                  Annabelle Loren: "Darling, the only ghoul in the house is you!"
                                    Ruth: "Who would want to haunt me?"

                                    Frederick Loren: "I would say any self-respecting male ghost."
                                      Watson Pritchard: "The ghosts are moving tonight, restless... hungry. May I introduce myself? I'm Watson Pritchard. In just a moment I'll show you the only really haunted house in the world. Since it was built a century ago, seven people including my brother have been murdered in it, since then, I've owned the house. I only spent one night then and when they found me in the morning, ... was almost dead."
                                        Frederick Loren: "Mr. Pritchard here promises us genuine ghosts."

                                        Watson Pritchard: "7 now. Maybe more before morning."
                                          Annabelle Loren: "You're in danger here - we all are."

                                          Nora Manning: "From who?"

                                          Annabelle Loren: "I hope for your sake you never find out."