The Blob Quotes
      Dr. T. Hallen: (on the phone) "Kate? It's Dr. Hallen, I'm still at the office... something's come up, I need you back here right away. No you've got to come back, Kate, there's a man here with some sort of a parasite on his arm, assimilating his flesh at a frightening speed. I may have to get ahead of it and amputate. No... I don't know what it is or where it came from."
        Lieutenant Dave: "Mrs. Porter, did you hear any gunshots tonight?"

        Mrs. Porter: "I sure did, tonight and every other night. The people downstairs have them old movies on their televisions. There's always some shooting or screaming."
          Steve Andrews: "Dad, it isn't vandalism! Doctor Hallen is dead and he was killed by some sort of a monster! Now I know, because I saw it, Dad."
            Steve Andrews: "Dave! Doc Hallen's been killed!"

            Lieutenant Dave: "Doc Hallen? What happened?"

            Steve Andrews: "It's over at his place, you've gotta come now!"

            Lieutenant Dave: "Now wait a minute Steve, tell us what happened."

            Steve Andrews: "I'm trying to tell you, now this thing has killed the Doc."

            Sgt. Jim Bert: "Well what was it? Out with it, kid!"

            Steve Andrews: "Well it's kind of a... kind of a mass, it keeps getting bigger and bigger."

            Lieutenant Dave: "Come on, Steve, make sense."

            Steve Andrews: "I know, I know, look Dave, you gotta see this thing to believe what I'm telling you."

            Sgt. Jim Bert: "Maybe this thing you saw was a... monster?"

            Steve Andrews: "Yeah, maybe it was, I don't know."

            Lieutenant Dave: "Hold on, Jim, now what is this, Steve? A little while ago it was driving backwards, now it's monsters."

            Jane Martin: "He's not making it up, Dave, honest!"

            Steve Andrews: "Dave, I'm not kidding you, I swear, come out to the Doc's, you can see it for yourself."

            Sgt. Jim Bert: "You're crazy if you go, can't you see it's a gag?
            Lieutenant Dave: He says Doc Hallen's dead, Jim, we've got to check it out."
              Steve Andrews: "You sure you want to go with me?"

              Jane Martin: "Yes."

              Steve Andrews: "I wouldn't give much for our chances, us running around in the middle of the night, looking for something that if we found it, it might kill us."
                Steve Andrews: "Listen, now listen to me everybody, this town is in danger, now several people have been killed already! Now we, we had to make this noise so you would listen to us, so we could warn you!"
                  Lieutenant Dave: (On the radio to Washington) "I think you should send us the biggest transport plane you have, and take this thing to the Arctic or somewhere and drop it where it will never thaw."
                    Kate: "Doctor, nothing will stop it!"
                      Lieutenant Dave: "At least we've got it stopped."

                      Steve Andrews: "Yeah, as long as the Arctic stays cold."
                        Steve Andrews: "How do you get people to protect themselves from something they don't believe in?"