Girls Just Want To Have Fun Quotes
      (Jeff is pushing Drew's old, corroded, smoking, brown Mercedes until the engine will start up)
      Drew: You don't understand that this car makes a statement.
      Jeff: Yeah, it says, 'Hi, I'm garbage.'
        Natalie: My shrink is right - I'm unloved, unappreciated, I only have one car...
        Lynne: (to Janey) Do you do everything you're told?... oh, God. You do.
          Janey is asking her father for permission to audition for DTV]
          Col. Glenn: You're too young to go out at night, except for the occasional supervised school activity. When you're eighteen, then you're entitled to some nightlife. Now we had a deal, remember?
          Janey: We made a deal when I was seven and a half and night life was The Muppet Show!
          Col. Glenn: Don't sass me!
          Janey: I'm sorry, sir.
            Janey: If I win I'm going to be on TV alright?
            Col. Glenn: Negative!
              Janey: Do you have a date or something?
              Lynne: No I wish, I just know I must be horny.
                (about a motorcycle)
                Janey: Is it safe?
                Drew: It's the safest thing you'll ever have between your legs.
                Janey: What?
                Drew, Jeff: Nothing!
                  Sister Immaculata: Stay away from him, he's a boy!
                    Maggie: Sorry, I needed the phone.
                    Jeff: Why, the cabbage patch mothers are having a PTA meeting?
                      Natalie: Excuse me! Do either one of you have change for a twenty?
                      Janey: (sarcastically) Gosh, I dont' have anything smaller than a fifty.
                      (Janey looks at Jeff as if asking him if he has change)
                      Janey: Sorry.
                      Natalie: My Loss. Have fun.
                        Jeff: So I tried to call you yesterday... to see if you wanted to reherse, I mean.
                        Janey: Oh, ummm... well my dad made us all go to the airshow.
                        Jeff: Was it fun?
                        Janey: 200 people standing around like this
                        (looks up at the sky and sarcastically says)
                        Janey: It was a blast!