Thumbelina Quotes
      Thumbelina: The wolves were running from them? Big Bear: So what? What you did took courage. No one could have a better friend than you. Thumbelina: You really think so?
        Thumbelina: Strange. Every time I fall asleep, I wake up in a different place.
          Mr. Mole: Hello Mona, Thumbelina. Humph! I've been visiting so often I thought It would be easier just to dig a tunnel between my house and yours. Mona: [to Thumbelina] See? I told you he's crazy about you.
            Fox: Well, look'a what we got here. You must be the farmer's wife. Thumbelina: Thanks for helping me up, but why on earth would you think I'm the farmer's wife? Fox: Because the farmer who owns this here farm had such a small harvest, I figured you went and shrunk up from lack of food.
              Thumbelina: You're not going to eat me for dinner, are you?
              Fox: Well, I wouldn't exactly call you a dinner. I'd call a chicken a dinner. I'd call a rabbit a dinner, but you barely qualify for the morsel category, so I wouldn't worry too much.
                Thumbelina: Oh, don't hurt me. I'm a very small girl.
                  Frog: Start thinking wedding bells, honey. You're going to be walking down the aisle.
                    Thumbelina: Look, I'm sure you're nice and, I'm sure your son's nice. For a frog. But there's a whole kingdom of Little People depending on me, so, if you'll just help me be on my way...
                      Thumbelina: [to herself] Oh, this is terrible. How will I ever get to the meadow?
                        Thumbelina: Oh, you saved me! How can I ever thank you? Blue Fish: You don't happen to have any worms, do ya? Thumbelina: No, but... Blue Fish: Are you sure she's not a bug? Red Fish: Nah, let's bail!